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Solved: How Can I Download Internet Explorer for Mac

By FonePaw | Jan 19 , 2020

You probably don't know that Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) used to be the default browser on Mac computer, but since the release of Apple's own browser, Safari, Microsoft has stopped any support for Internet Explorer for Mac in 2005. That means, as long as your Mac is running on a version of macOS that is newer than Mac OS X 10.6, Internet Explorer or the earlier Microsoft Edge is unavailable for your Mac.


If you just switch from Windows to Mac and find that you're not able to install or use Internet Explorer as a browser on MacBook, iMac or Mac Mini, while you are a developer who is using a Mac but needs to check how your web pages or web app look like in Internet Explorer, or you are visiting a site that requires Internet Explorer precisely, there are 2 workarounds for you to use Microsoft Internet Explorer on Mac.


Internet Explorer


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1. View websites in Internet Explorer on Mac

Safari can simulate Internet Explorer or other browsers as long as you change the user agent. This operation will tell the website you are using Windows rather than Mac so that you can view websites in IE on Mac.


Step 1: Open Safari.
Step 2: Click Preferences and then Advanced.
Step 3: Tick "Develop menu in the menu bar" at the bottom of the Advanced window. Now you're able to access the Develop Tool menu.


Enable Develop Menu on Safari


Step 4: Open Safari's menu bar and go to the Develop menu.
Step 5: Find User Agent and select Internet Explorer. The current website will be automatically switched to your selected browser.


View Web Pages in Internet Explorer


Now you can use a simulated Internet Explorer on Mac


2. Use a virtual machine to get IE on Mac

A virtual machine is equivalent to a full copy of Windows on your Mac, while the Windows is launched as an app in the macOS. When the virtual machine is installed and launched successfully, you can use Internet Explorer on Mac.


Virtual Machine on Mac


Step 1: Download VMware fusion and the Windows IOS file on your Mac.
Step 2: Launch VMware fusion.
Step 3: During the installation, select "Create a new custom virtual machine".
Step 4: Drag and drop the Windows IOS file into the dialogue window.
Step 5: Click Finish.
Step 6: Relaunch the Virtual Machine and setup Windows. Now you're given the access to use Internet Explorer on Mac.
Step 7: Download and install Internet Explorer on Mac. Now you can use IE successfully.


When you need to use IE on Mac, just start the virtual machine. Remember to shut down the machine and change to your Mac after using the browser.


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