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What to Do When Windows Media Player Cannot Burn Some of the Files

By FonePaw | Feb 12 , 2019

One of the most commonly seen errors in burning CD with Windows Media Player is that when the player is burning the added files into CD, it suddenly pops up an error that says:


"Windows Media Player cannot burn some of the files. To investigate the problem, click the icon next to the files in the burn list."


What should you do when you are seeing such an error? This article will show you how to fix Windows Media Player when it cannot burn some of the files on Windows 10/8/7. The following tricks have fixed the Windows Media Player error for many users. We hope that you find them helpful, too.


Windows Media Player

Remove Files That Cannot Be Burned

When Windows Media Player says that it cannot burn some of the files and asks you to click the icon next to the files in the burn list, you should click OK and then check if there is an icon next to the files.


  • On Windows Media Player, click Blank Disk on the left, where you can find the files that you are trying to burn.
  • If there are some of the files have a white X or a red circle next to it, remove these files from the burn list since these files are those that Windows Media Player cannot burn.
  • Try to burn the files into CD again after removing the problematic files. This time the burning should be finished without error.


Windows Media Player Blank Disc


If there is no icon next to the files in the burn list or it is really important for you to include the problematic files in the burn list, read on.


Edit the Information of the Files

If the files have special characters in its title, album name, etc., the files cannot be burned by Windows Media Player. So what you should do is:


  • Find the files that cannot be burned in their original location.
  • Right-click a file and select Properties > Details.
  • If there are any special characters, for example, Chinese characters, in the artist, track number, album, etc., edit the information to remove the special characters and make it as simple as possible.


Audio File Properties


Uncheck "Apply Volume Levelling"

Applying volume levelling in Windows Media Player could cause CD burn problem. So you can untick the option to see if it can stop the "cannot burn some of the files" error of the Windows Media Player.


  • Click Organize > Options.
  • Select Burn.
  • Uncheck the box next to Apply Volume Levelling.


Windows Media Player Apply Volume Levelling


Uncheck "Enhanced Playback and Device Experience" Options

By disabling "enhanced playback and device experience", Windows Media Player won't search for the additional information of the files that you are trying to burn, thus the error "cannot burn some files" won't be triggered.


  • On Windows Media Player, click Tools > Options > Privacy.
  • Uncheck all the options below "Enhanced Playback and Device Experience".


Windows Media Player Enhance Playback and Device Experience


Burn CD without Windows Media Player

If none of the methods can fix Windows Media Player that cannot burn some of the files, you can choose to burn CD with other tools, such as iTunes or third-party CD burners. They can easily help you to burn music, videos to CD as simple as Windows Media Player.


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4 year before

Wow, unchecking 'apply volume leveling across tracks' actually solved the problem, thank you!

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