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December 2015

Compared to other functions, iPhone’s camera seems have more impact on people’s life due to its powerful functions, especially with the release of iPhone 6s with stunning 12-megapixel sho Read More >
Samsung Galaxy S7
According to the ET News from Korea reports, Samsung Galaxy S7 would have two different display sizes, one of is 5.2 inches and another Edge edition is 5.5 inches with curved surface screen. This is Read More >
FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery Windows 2.2.0
Recently some FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery users give us feedback that the program cannot scan out call history on their iPhone which has been updated to iOS 9.2. On December, 27, we’ve resolve Read More >
Turn on NFC
Samsung introduces a new piece technology S Beam to the Android, allowing two Samsung phone to beam contents when they are held back to back in a short distance, such as contacts, photos, music, and Read More >
Samsung Galaxy S7
Recently, Samsung Galaxy S7 was exposured that it will be launched in 21st February, 2016. Now, the arguement has been confirmed by the operator area. And the Galaxy J7 and J5 would reach market in F Read More >
We know that Google Play Store is a place where we can find all kinds of latest and useful Apps for Android phone and tablets. But after installing Google Play Store, some of you are depressed becaus Read More >
FonePaw iOS Transfer (Mac) V1.6.0
The latest version of FonePaw iOS Transfer (Mac) 1.6.0 is released on December 22, 2015.   FonePaw iOS Transfer (Mac) V1.6.0 adds a fresh feature of being able to scan the contacts from Email an Read More >
Allow Unknown Sources
Google Play Store, the official store of Google, is an Android market for any apps and a place that you should never miss. Everything your Android device needs can be found there, like games, music a Read More >
A Membership at Christmas Night
Is  Christmas the special day for kids or young people only? The answer is certainly no. Your elder parents and grandparents also deserve TLC at this beautiful day. Now matter you want to improve the Read More >
Plan Mutual Work with Kids
Are you ready? Christmas Day is approaching on the heels of Halloween, Thanksgiving, or maybe your birthday. If you are a kid, you may feel excited to experience so many festivals in a year. But if y Read More >
Android Emoji
Google released the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow for Nexus on 7th December, 2015. You may think this will only bring some little change like previous 0.0.X updated, but most of  users are excited with t Read More >
Samsung Galaxy A8
Recently, the Japanese operator au jointly released Samsung Galaxy A8 of 2016 models. There is not a big difference in appearance compared with the previous generation, but get the new feature of fin Read More >
iPhone Connect to Camera
Summary:  iOS 9.2 has added support for SD cards to all iPhone models with which the software is compatible.   You can connect a Lightning to SD Card Reader adapter or even a digital camera t Read More >
Chnristmas Romantic Trips
As we all know Christmas is right around the corner, it is the high time making shopping lists. With so many choices in the market, buying the right presents for the ones you love is definitely a cha Read More >
Framed Christmas Photos
Santa Clause is around the corner again, most of you might have a very beautiful plan for it. May be you will spend this Christmas just as you always have before, taking photos under the well-decorat Read More >
Draw Pattern
Why enable lockscreen on Android? For a start, everyone has his/her personal text messages, photos and videos in the Android phone. And they are not willing to be peeked. However, it is easy to slide Read More >
NFC Android
Have you ever curious about what makes tap-and-go services like Google Wallet and Apple Pay work. You must keep seeing NFC mentioned a lot when talking these paying services. So what exactly what NFC Read More >
Backup iPhone with iTunes
“I was trying to backup my iPhone data with iCloud. But the process stuck in 65%. I cancel and tried it again – stuck in 90% this time. I wait for a long time and it still didn’t move on. Read More >
FonePaw iOS Transfer 1.7.0
FonePaw today upgraded its iOS Transfer (Windows) to V1.7.0 with several bugs fixed. So how FonePaw iOS Transfer has improved?   The first good news is for those who love to take a lot of photos Read More >