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10 Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2015

By FonePaw | Dec 08 , 2015

Santa Clause is around the corner again, most of you might have a very beautiful plan for it. May be you will spend this Christmas just as you always have before, taking photos under the well-decorated Christmas tree, having dinner aside the stocking-filled mantel, exchanging photos and saying "Merry Christmas" to each other. All of these are memorial, however, without passion. May be you are cudgeling on your brains for appreciating the one who has been always there for you. Whoever you want to thanks and whatever gifts you want to choose, this Best Christmas Gifts for Her shopping list will ensure you pull some ideas off. Now Let's go shopping accordingly.


1. Framed Photos

Framed photos is an inexpensive Christmas gift for women as them freeze-framed your precious memory. You must have spent many sweet and happy days together before or during Christmas Day. Find some of them but a frame that makes them stand out. Or you can personalize the framed photo with engraving.


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Framed Christmas Photos


2. The iPhone 6s in Rose Gold

The iPhone 6s in Rose Gold is the upgrade base on the original mode. It is now one of the chicest color and it really become the perfect ice-breaker. Buy her the iPhone 6s in Rose Gold in Christmas day is bound to bring more conversation pieces around her. With Rose Gold in hand, she can take plenty of precious photos and text easier with her good friends.

iPhone 6s Rose Gold


3. FlowerBomb

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbombs is a great women’s perfume for romantic and social settings. This modern perfume features hints of tea, fresia, jasmine, and rose orchid blended together to create a lovely flowery scent that is irresistible yet sophisticated. Every women loves to be exclusive and so is the scent that can easily identify them so as to bring the unique feeling. Vikro and Rolf Flowerbombs is what you need as a unique Christmas gifts for women.

Flowerbomb Perfume


4. Handmade Jewelry

Jewelry is always the winning Christmas gift to women. While handmade jewelry is another option to make it more special and memorial as it indicate your thoughts and demonstrate the effort and times you invented in. To make it more special memorable, you may engrave with a personal message.

Xmas Gift Jewelry


5. Sleep Master -- Sleep Mask

Sleep Master is a light-weight and built-in sound muffling sleep mask. It is so comfortable that it comes to the premium product for those who suffer sleep difficulties, who enjoys napping while traveling. A satisfied sleep is the key to everyday happiness. Such a thoughtful present may show her your investment on her health and well-being.

Sleep Master


6. Hanging Cacoon Hammock Chair/Picnic Packback

We are now living in a high-speed developing and busy-doing era, leaving ourselves little time to relax. Needless to say the women, they occupied themselves with work and family all the time. Now it’s time to enjoy themselves for a while. Hanging Cacoon Hammock Chair works as a hammock chair and a hanging tent which makes it perfect for camping or even relaxing at home -- A great honorarium as a Christmas gift for her contribution.

Hanging Cacoon Hammock Chair


7. TAND -- A Fashionable Smart Watch

As a smart watch, H.TANG has health-detecting functions, like monitoring calorie intake, detecting intensity of sun which helps women to better keep fit and avoid sunburns. It synchronizes to your phone with blue-tooth to enable tracking health data and much more of the user through APP preinstalled.

H Tang Watch


With simple features, it makes life easier and healthier. It is tailored specially for women. But her one as the Christmas gift and impress her with your thoughtfulness.


8. Christmas Cards

Christmas card is a classic however excellent gift for women. Though it is small and simple, it conveys the feelings you have for her.

Christmas Cards


9. Chocolate

Not only Christmas day, Chocolates is suitable for many occasions. Not because that it taste well, but that it indicates sweetness and romance. In such a cheerful day, why not buy her something sweet and romantic.

Christmas Chocolate Gift


10. Companion

Giving your time and keeping her company will be the best Christmas gift for women. You may spare your time and take her do something she likes. Such as, take her to a concert, a theater performance. Even you just take her a dinner and spend the day t with her.



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