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How to Put your iPhone into Night Mode

By FonePaw | Jan 18 , 2016

Nowadays, night mode is becoming a more and more popular feature for many smartphone apps for the sake of eyes protection. It would do less harm to our eyes if a more subtle and darker mode in iPhone available when we reading at dimly lighted night. Actually, some iOS apps, such as iBook, Tweetbot, have built-in settings to switch to night mode according to the brightness of day. However, what if you want the night mode over the whole device itself? Does it mean that you need to bounce around from app to app to enable this function?


Lucky to tell you the answer is "No". There is function in iPhone which can bring the same experience like night mode call Invert Colors. To put your iPhone into night mode in deed refers to changing the white background and black texts into black background and white texts. You have tow methods to enable night mode in iPhone.


Part 1: Put iPhone into Night Mode Directly


Part 2: Put iPhone into Night Mode via Shortcut


Part 1: Put iPhone into Night Mode Directly


1. Launch Settings app on the home screen, and tap on General, then press Accessibility to enter another interface.


Go to Settings-General-Accessibility


2. Under the Accessibility menu, switch the slider of Invert Colors into ON position, and the night mode will be activated immediately.


Turn on Invert Colors on iPhone


Part 2: Put iPhone into Night Mode via Shortcut


1. Go to Settings > General >Accessibility.


2. Under the Accessibility menu, scroll down to the bottom, and you will see Accessibility Shortcut.


Enable Accessibility Shortcut


3. Press on Accessibility Shortcut, and a sidebar will pop up. Tap on Invert Colors and exit Settings as usual.


Select Invert Colors


4. After finishing settings, you can easily put your iPhone into night mode by triple–pressing the Home button. Then the presentation will changed from white background to black background which is easier on your eyes.


Comparison between Night Mode and Day Mode


By the way, the shortage of putting iPhone into night mode is that all your photos may look like photographic negatives which are very uncomfortable. If you wish to turn off night mode, all you need to do is just triple-tap the home button. Or you can go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Invert Colors, and then switch the button of Invert Colors into OFF position.


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Brain smith
Brain smith
8 year before

I think it is the most easiest feature to use. It is similar like the auto brightness feature. I know that, Apple introduces this feature to ease the strain on your eyes when looking at the screen at night. I really appreciate this initiative of Apple. I don't like this orange color screen. That's why I choose "ocushield" screen protector for my iPhone. Which protect harmful blue light and also helps me to sleep better.

Emily Watson
8 year before
Reply to  Brain smith

With the Night Shift mode come with iOS 9.3, iPhone will be smarter to protect our eyes.

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