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iOS 10 Allows You to Classify Album with Face Recognition

By FonePaw | Jul 19 , 2016
Photo app on iOS system doesn't give us much surprise in the past, but this year, iOS 10 improves the photo app with several terrific features, including facial, object, scene recognition, and "Memory" feature. Face recognition is especially worth mentioning. It can classify photos into different albums according to the facial characteristics of a person in the images. Let's dig deeper to see the face recognition technology behind this new feature.iOS 10 Face Recognition


How Face Recognition Technology Works


In fact, face recognition technology has been quite familiar to us in recent years. It has been applied on access control systems, payment software, security system, etc. But how this technology works to recognize different faces?


Face recognition can be achieved with the support of a massive image and a facial database. More data a database possesses, more powerful the face recognition technology can be. By comparing selected features of the target object, face recognition technology can identify not only whether it is human, building, animal, or flower, but also who it is.


In iOS 10's photo app, facial recognition technology measures the overall facial structure, including distances between eyes, nose, mouth, and jaw edges, etc., and then analyze the facial features with templates in the database. Recognizing human face by data measurement and analysis, face recognition can do a better job than human eyes. When we may find it difficult to distinguish twins, face recognition can tell them apart more easily since even twins have slight differences on their facial features.


Facial Recognition Technology


How to Use Face Recognition on iOS 10


In iOS 10, when opening photo app, users can find "People" section under the Albums tab, and tap on a name to see every photo with that person on it. In this way, users can classify photos albums easily based on people. However, users should also notice that face recognition may fail to recognize some pictures or identify the pictures for wrong albums. This is because that the system can't measure the facial features properly due to special shooting angle or low light.


Besides classifying albums based on people, users can also enjoy organizing photos by location, the people involved, scene with iOS 10's "Memory" feature. It can even transform the photos into a micro video.


iOS 10 Memory Feature


Overall, iOS 10's improvement on Photo app is worth waiting. And we very look forward to hearing about your opinion about this new face recognition features. Please leave a comment below if you feel like sharing.


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