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16 Applications for iPhone that Will Make Your Life Easier

By FonePaw | Jun 20 , 2018

Can you imagine at least one day without your iPhone? The answer of most people would be "No". This is due to the fact that mobile technologies have taken a solid place in our lives and have become vital. There are a lot of various applications which allow you to significantly improve your smartphone and benefit from their functions.


Some programs can be used for both work and daily life, while others perfectly help to entertain yourself and have fun. There is no such a person who doesn't use a smartphone because it is possible to do a lot of things with its help. For example, read books, communicate with friends, ask a custom essay service for academic help, play games, etc.


Useful iPhone Tips


Top-16 Must-Have Applications for Your iPhone


Modern smartphones can be considered the most technological and innovative products on the market. Unlike the same PCs, their functionality constantly acquires new features, and they themselves become more accessible and more enjoyable in work. iPhone is considered the most high-technological smartphone, which can become your smart helper when doing a lot of things in daily life. Check the list of the best iPhone applications for you to use.


Waze is a navigation application with the help of which you can not only find the right way but also learn about traffic jams, road repairs, new and old road signs. Adding to the community of drivers, you can improve the program and work together with other road users.


Find My iPhone
This is an excellent application for inattentive people who always lose their keys, mobile phone, etc. Unfortunately, it is not possible to find your keys the same way as your mobile but it is good news that Find My iPhone tracks your electronic device, whether it's forgotten at home, lost or stolen. The application not only shows a map with the location of the device but also gives you a sound signal when it finds your phone.


Find My iPhone


This is a driver application, operating in 300 cities and 50 countries. You can order a taxi, pay for it with the help of a credit or any payment card providing the necessary information. There is no need to know your exact location - you can follow the car on the map in the application.


This is one of the first messengers. There is no beautiful design but this does not affect the popularity of the program. The interface is similar to an application for messages, but unlike SMS, everything you need to use WhatsApp is an internet connection.


WhatsApp Logo


This application was the first cloud service. Back in 2009 with its help, you could access your files, regardless of the device, where they were. With this program, you can send videos, photos, work on documents and slides of presentations. Its major benefit is that it is very convenient to work with while traveling and having business trips.


This is one of the first good postal applications. In Sparrow, it was possible to register and use several accounts at the same time much earlier than it was done in Google and Apple. In fact, the mail service turned out to be so successful that Google in 2012 turned to them for help in improving Gmail.


Have you ever faced a situation when you heard a song you liked much but couldn't find a name of the singer? Shazam partly solves the problem with the search for such "mysterious" music. When connected to the Internet, you can, in a couple of touches to the screen, recognize almost any song. Also, the application automatically offers to listen to new hits.


Shazam App


Dark Sky
All iPhones have standard applications, informing about the weather but they are not half as good as Dark Sky. This program determines your exact location and, based on this information, gives you the most accurate information about the weather. You will also learn about air humidity, cloudiness or sunny weather, about the time of the end or the beginning of precipitation, pressure and so on.


Google Translate
Google Translate for fast translation on the go is the best option. The most interesting and, perhaps, necessary function, especially for travelers in countries where the Latin and Cyrillic alphabet is not in use, is a translation from a photograph. When photographing a word written in hieroglyphics, your smartphone can recognize it and translate.


Google Translate


Kindle is a pocketbook that is always at hand. It is possible to download both electronic and audiobooks on it. Kindle offers more than 850,000 original books. You can also highlight favorite paragraphs and phrases, read in the dark with a special highlight, search for explanations for unfamiliar words.


Have you ever forgotten passwords? Perhaps, your system was hacked because of too simple combinations? Or do you always use the same password for all occasions? The 1Password application itself creates a password for each site you use and enters it, if necessary. With the help of the program, you can store logins, passwords or card numbers, log into your accounts without storing passwords. It is very convenient and practical if you are not afraid to entrust your secrets to an electronic device.


One of the most popular programs, preserving "for later" articles, videos and photos. Later, you can read everything that you are interested in, even if you are disconnected from the Internet. See the deferred materials simply and conveniently. The interface reminds the Internet edition: it is laconic and simple. Saved information can be sorted and stored as many times as needed.


Pocket App


With the help of Foursquare, you not only can mark your location but know where your friends and acquaintances were or are now. Also, in this program, there is a lot of feedback and information about a variety of public places: from museums and libraries to nightclubs.


The program offers a choice of languages from English to Korean and Arabic. The most important benefit of this application is that it has a beautiful, in fact, gaming interface, and the ability to independently determine the tasks and load, studying several languages simultaneously.




Fantastical 2
The application helps you quickly navigate in your upcoming events and tasks. This mini-calendar can be freely unfastened and moved to any place convenient for you in the working area of the screen. Return the window to the original point - Fantastical is again attached to the icon of the toolbar.


Application for managing your budget. In fact, it will help you keep track of profits and waste, saving and knowing where they come from and where the money goes. You can also check your credit data. It is aimed at providing you with the full information about the status of your accounts.


Mint Save Money


Depending on how you use your smartphone, you can either waste time or vice versa save it significantly. Choose the best applications from the above-mentioned collection of the most helpful applications for iPhone. You will see that they are able to help you to manage your time effectively and assist in doing many important things.

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