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App Uninstaller on Mac is Available by FonePaw

By FonePaw | Sep 25 , 2017

After Duplicates Finder came to us in MacMaster 1.3.0, FonePaw attempts to do more for users so App Uninstaller comes out quickly after a week. Now, let me draw conclusion for you about what FonePaw MacMaster can do:

  1. Junk Files: unneeded files like app caches, system caches, system logs, trash bin, etc. can be selected to remove.
  2. Clutter: mail attachments, iTunes backups and localization can be dealt with.
  3. Large & Old Files: those files occupying much space and not used for a long time, e.g.: over 100MB or > 1 year, are available to delete.
  4. Duplicates Finder: repeated pictures, videos, songs, documents, will be deleted.
  5. Uninstaller: some unwanted apps or apps that crashes and their related files can be cleaned up after scanning.


What's more, FonePaw MacMaster improves the performance in monitoring system status on Mac. For the new feature in 1.3.2 version, how does MacMaster works? Follow us in the next part.



How Does MacMaster Uninstaller Works?

  1. When launching MacMaster on iMac or MacBook, you will notice your system status. Before going to "Uninstaller", please check whether the present version is the latest one. Move to "Check for Update" to update your program.
  2. If you are using the newest one, enter "Uninstaller" from the left sidebar.

 Launch MacMaster


  1. Click "Scan" to find out all apps on your Mac computer. When the progressing bar goes to 100%, you can preview the details with hitting "Review" button.

 Uninstaller Homepage


  1. Scroll down to select what you want. You can find our the ideal item directly with typing the name of the app on the search box. Or you can decide which one to be deleted according to its size.

 Scanning Apps

  1. As you clean up the items (including apps and associated files), the screen will show you "Cleaning complete! XX MB Free Up".

 Select Files to Uninstall

When You Can Use FonePaw MacMaster to Uninstall Apps?

  1. App crashes and cannot be opened.
  2. Your Mac is not compatible with some apps.
  3. Part of apps are not safe.
  4. ...


With this Mac partner, you can manage the apps as you like. FonePaw is trying to optimize this software, if you have some idea, please leave your comments.

Which feature do you want in the next version of MacMaster?

  • Locate similar photos?
  • Update apps?
  • iTunes junks?
  • ...

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