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iOS 11 Public Beta: How to Download and What to Expect

By FonePaw | Jul 24 , 2017

Apple has released iOS 11 public beta since June 26th. Now with iOS 11 public beta 2 available and public beta 3 in the way, you may want to download and update iOS 11 public beta to access those awesome new features of iOS 11 (Mac-like dock in iPad, the ability to drag and drop files over apps, wow!) This post is going to show you the step-to-step guide of installing iOS 11 public beta on your iPhone/iPad a well as how iOS 11 beta works so far.

iOS 11

Before updating, you may want to know all new features of iOS 11.


Steps to Download iOS 11 Public Beta

Before starting to update your iPhone/iPad to iOS 11 beta, it is important to backup your device with iTunes in case that anything goes wrong in the beta version.


Step 1. Make sure that your iOS device is supported by iOS 11, including iPhone 5s or later, iPad Mini 2 or later.
Step 2. Visit the Safari on your iOS device. If this is your first time to download a public beta, you need to sign up Apple Beta Software Program. If you have signed up, for example for iOS 10 beta last year, you can tap Sign in and jump to Step 5.

Sign Up iOS Beta
Step 3. Click Sign up and enter your Apple ID + password.
Step 4. Tap Agree on the Agreement page.
Step 5. Choose iOS, scroll down to Get Started and click "enroll your iOS device".
Step 6. Then tap Download profile button, which will direct you to the Install Profile page.

Install iOS 11 Beta Profile
Step 7. Tap Install and confirm your installation in the Consent page.
Step 8. A window will pop up asking you to restart your device. Tap Restart and wait the the device to reboot.

iOS 11 Beta Profile Page
Step 9. Once your iPhone/iPad reboots, go to Settings > General > Software Update, where you can find the latest iOS 11 beta version available. Tap Download and Install.

Install iOS 11 Public Beta
Step 10. The device will begin to download the update. Tap Install when the downloading is complete.


Now you have iOS 11 public beta install on your device. Apple will roll out more update on iOS 11 public betas regularly until the official version on late September. You can get the updates directly from Software Update in Settings. The next update, the iOS 11 public beta 3 is expected to arrive on late July.


What to Expect about iOS 11 Public Beta

Many users have installed iOS 11 beta on their devices and there is no major problem discovered yet.


The iOS 11 beta is basically solid and stable. We have installed iOS 11 beta on iPhone 6s and iPhone 5s, and it works just fine in both the devices. And there is not much news yet on issues people have faced with the public beta. However, based on the previous experience with iOS 10, iOS 9, there must be users out there experiencing reduced battery life, slow performance, etc., especially those with earlier iPhone like 5S.


Some apps might not be compatible, especially when Apple is removing support for 32-bit apps with iOS 11. Those popular apps should have been updated by the developers while others may have been updated yet.


But no worry. If you don't like iOS 11 after installing it, you can always reverse to iOS 10.3 with this simple method.

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