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Artisto:A Prisma like App to Turn Your Videos into Art

By FonePaw | Oct 17 , 2016

I guess that your guys have tried Prisma, the amazing photo editing app that can transform an everyday photo into a Picasso painting. Artisto, developed by Russian Internet giant, is a Prisma like app that is capable of turning 10-second videos into artwork, an area that Prisma has not covered yet. Still wonder how this app works? Start from this post to create mind-blowing videos with Artisto!


Artisto Logo


Artisto: Simple Interface, 20+ Art Filters


Artisto is free video and photos editing app for both iOS and Android users. By applying neural network and artificial intelligence technology, the app can not only transform phone photos into what look like paintings created by Picasso or Van Gogh, but also can create this kind of art-like videos.


The interface of this app is quite simple. So it is very easy-to-use. You just open the app, take a 10 seconds short video, and then choose a filter you like. The app will begin to turn the video into an artwork. After transformation process is complete, you'll have the options to share the video to popular social network platform, such as Instagram, Facebook. Moreover, you can choose a video from your gallery to edit. But since Artisto has a maximum time limit of 10 seconds, you can only select 10 seconds of your phone video to edit. Also, you can switch to photo mode to use art filters to create artistic photos.

Artisto Edit Videos


When first released July, 2016, Artisto has only 14 filters. Now it is equipped with 20+ art filters, including Warm Chocolate, Blue Dream, Zen, #goodstart, among which Blue Dream, the filter that is inspired by Picasso's famous painting In the Fire, is the most favorable one. During the Rio Olympic Game, the company adds a new filter named Rio 2016.


To conclude, with Artisto, you can easily change an ordinary video into stunning moving paintings. This app is compatible with devices running on iOS 8 and above as well as Android devices running on Android 4.2 and above. You can now download the app from App store and Google Play store.



Comparison between Artisto and Prisma


Both coming from Russia and working on art filters, Artisto and Prisma are very similar. Let's compare these two apps.


Features: Prisma can only work with photos while Artisto can work for both videos and photos. But now there is rumor that Prisma will soon offer video editing feature. And although Artisto's video editing feature is amazing, many users report that the app is buggy and sometimes crashes during the editing process. It is said that only took 8 days to create Artisto, so it is no surprise that Artisto has some bugs.

Prisma Edit Photos


Filters: With 30+ filters using the styles of famous artists including Van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan, as well as world famous ornaments and patterns, Prisma is available with more filters than Artisto. Moreover, videos and photos created by Artisto come with watermark of Artisto, while Prisma allows users to get rid of the watermark in its settings.


Overall, Artisto is a great app that worth a try. Go ahead to amaze your friends and followers with beautiful artistic videos and photos. You're welcomed to share your experience with Artisto in the comment section below.


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