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Use OTG to Watch Movies on USB Disk

By FonePaw | Oct 28 , 2015

Though mobile device has much more space than ever before, it is still so easy to be filled up. Wouldn't it be a good idea to connect a USB flash drive to your Android phone to provide further storage? Yes, it would be amazing if we can watch movies on USB disk. However, it seems that you cannot hook up a USB flash drive to your Android device directly.


You can't? Of course you can! It's all thanks to the magic of USB OTG, which is usually a short cable with a wide "female" end for inserting a USB device, and a narrow "male" connector for hooking it up to your phone.


In this post, we'll walk you through how to mount a flash drive on your Android device with OTG so that you can watch movies on USB disk.


Step 1. Gather your materials

  • A flash drive
  • A rooted Android phone or tablet. (See how to root Android?)
  • An OTG cable (You can easily find one on Amazon or Monoprice.)
  • Apps that can read USB flash drives, such as ES File Explorer and an app that can mounts the flash drive, such as StickMount.
  • Prepare the USB flash device with the movies you want to access on your Android handset.


Step 2. Download and install StickMount

Download and install StickMount from the Google Play market.


Step 3. Connect USB drive to Android with OTG

  • Connect the OTG cable to your phone, then attach the USB flash drive.

Connect USB Drive to Android


  • Immediately after plugging in your flash drive, StickMount will show up with a dialog box asking if you want to mount this drive. Tick the box next to Use by default and press OK.  StickMount will then ask for Superuser privileges. Grant it.
  • The app will pop up an alert to let you know if the mounting was successful, and list the directory where you'll find your files in the file explorer app.
  • Once connected, the additional storage can be accessed using the file management app you installed earlier, and the movies on it.


Connect Flash Drive to Android


Step 4. Exploring the Flash Drive

  • If your phone didn't come with a file manager preloaded or you're looking for a better one, install ES File Explorer. Then fire it up.
  • Head to sdcard/usbStorage and look for the name of your flash drive. Tap it, and you should be able to see the files contained on the memory stick.
  • Now you can use USB disk to load things like movies, photos, music and more. Then, you can play movies stored on the flash drive on your Android device.

Watch Movies On USB Disk


Step 5. Remove flash drive from the OTG cable

Before removing the flash drive from the OTG cable go to Settings>Storage>Unmount USB OTG. Then remove the flash drive after unmounting.


By connecting flash drive to Android with USB OTG cable, you can get extract storage for your Android devices. This means that you can see more movies on your Android phone or tablet. Why not give it a try immediately?


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