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Best iPhone Emoji Apps: Express Emotions Your Way

By FonePaw | Feb 21 , 2016

It is now becoming easier and easier to vividly express yourself, especially with the emergence and outspread of emoji application in iPhone. If you are using emoji you will fully understand why I am saying that. Emotion is a kind of invisible and complicated abstract. It usually goes beyond words. During a conversation, it is not uncommon to go into an awkward situation when failing to find appropriate words to express. Being a spokesman of a wide range of popular language, facial expressions and emotions, emoji apps gain their popularity among numerous iPhone users. And let's see which iPhone emoji app rank top in their kinds due to their unique characteristics.


1. 5000+ Emoji – 3D Animated Emoticons


5000+ Emoji


As you can tell from its name, the app features itself with new, animated 3D emoticons. And the biggest surprise is that it provides more than just stickers but emoji arts, text arts, plus stylish font. 5000+ emoji consists of 1000+ iPhone native emojis, 1000+ 3D animated emojis, 1000+ new emojis, 1000+ sweet icons, 500+ text art and 500+ emoji art presets. With so many emojis in hand, you can color your expressions in your messages, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and so on.


Pros: You get it free in iTunes with a wide collection of cute and animated emoji. Unlike other apps which continually selling you related products, 5000+ will not ask you want to buy or what to use.


Cons: Some emojis are unsuitable for children.


2. Adult Emoji Icons


Adult Emoji Icon


Everyone has a naughty child inside in front of your lovers or couples, but not every dare to or is able to express in words appropriately. Adult Emoji Icons is the iPhone emoji app that you don’t want to lose as it is great in boosting relationship. It embraces a variety of emoticons which can be flirty, romantic, naughty, childish or violent, sorted into clear and organized categories for your easy fetching. All this emoticons comes from day-to-day life so it is very suitable to be used in communicating with beloved friends and lovers to reveal the unseen so as to let others know more about you. You can even edit words after copy and paste emoji if you like.


Pros: The best emoji app for lovers and couples who can convey thoughts via emoji without having to type any words.


Cons:  There are blurred emoji for teenagers under 17.


3. SMS Rage Faces


SMS Rage Faces


Everyone has a gangster inside. SMS Rage Faces enables you to express your wrath and darkness inside without uttering vulgar words. This app is used by more than 5 million users with 3100+ rage faces and 300+ camera booth stickers. Its name has indicated that all images in this app are designed to perfectly fit for messages bubbles. You can easily access to emojis that you frequently use by adding them into favorite category. And what it is going to impress you the most is that its profanity filter will hide emoji that is unsuitable for your children.


Pros: Customize and share your own pictures with friends via Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.


Cons: Sometimes you won’t be able to copy and paste after long time of use.


4. Finland Emoji


Finland Emoji


When it comes to emoji, we have to mention Finland, the first country to officially publish its national emojis with regard to country theme. If you are Finnish, or you are interested in Finland culture, Finland Emoji for iPhone is the one you won't miss. All emojis are handpicked from Finland Christmas Calendar.


Pros: This app is a great reward for Finnish culture lovers and at the same time help to carry out Finnish manner and custom from the basis.


Cons: Due to culture differences, Finland Emoji cannot gain its popularity from a wide range of users. What's more, you can only send emojis as images within messages.


5. Emoji Type


Emoji Type


Unlike other emoticons iPhone apps, Emoji Type is a combination of keyboard and emoji which is compatible with all other social apps like Messages, Instagram, Skype, Twitter, etc. With this app installed in your iPhone, you don't need to browse the whole emoji library to fetch appropriate images to express your emotions. Instead, emoji will be presented as you type on Emoji Type. This app can co-exist with iPhone built-in input method. Have it installed and add it in settings then you are able to switch to Emoji Type whenever you want by pressing the Globe key.


Pros: This app save your time to search through the entire emoji app due to its predictive function.  It will automatically suggest you the matching emoji.


Cons: Suggested emoji will replace words so the counterparts have to decode what the emoji to figure out what you want to say. It would be better if words go with emoji. It charges for $0.99.


I bet it is more than enough even if you have all above iPhone emoticons apps installed in your iPhone to express your emotions. And I would certainly assume that you are using other interesting and helpful emoji apps. If so, your sharing will be warmly welcomed.


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Kika Tech
6 year before

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