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FonePaw Data Recovery 1.1.6: Scan Recycle Bin and More

By FonePaw | Jun 21 , 2018

A new update has come to FonePaw Data Recovery, which you can now update to version 1.1.6.


In addition to fixing bugs found in the last version, FonePaw Data Recovery 1.1.6 is added with the following new features:


  • Supports to separately scan Recycle Bin;
  • Supports to fix abnormal disks;
  • Compatible with PDF and ZIP format in Deep Scan;
  • Adds 1:1 preview mode.


Scan Recycle Bin

When you upgrade FonePaw Data Recovery 1.1.6, the first noticeable change is the new Recycle Bin option. Apart from Hard Disk Drive and Removable Drive, you can also choose to scan Recycle Bin.


FonePaw Data Recovery 1.1.6


This is helpful when you need to find deleted photos, documents, videos and others from Recycle Bin. For example, you have emptied Recycle Bin and need to recover deleted files.


Also, the Recycle Bin on FonePaw Data Recovery can help you quickly find an old file that has been moved to the Recycle Bin. It displays everything in the Recycle Bin by data types and provides previews, information (name, created date, size) of the files so that you can quickly recognize the files that you are looking for.


Scan Recycle Bin


Fix Abnormal Disks

Disk errors are one of the most common reasons why we lose files on computers. FonePaw Data Recovery 1.1.6 better supports data recovery from abnormal disks (e.g., inaccessible drive, corrupted drive). But remember, when a drive runs across an error and need to recover data, stop writing new data into the drive and immediately use FonePaw Data Recovery to save the data to another drive.


PDF and ZIP Files in Deep Scan

FonePaw Data Recovery 1.1.6 improves Deep Scan function by adding support of PDF and ZIP files. When you perform deep scanning on a drive, PDF and ZIP files can be scanned out now.


PDF & ZIP Formats Supported


1:1 Preview Mode

In the last version, FonePaw Data Recovery only provides previews of deleted photos in the sizes that fit into the preview windows. Like this:


Now on version 1.1.6, you will notice that deleted photos can be previewed in their actual size, which is 1:1 preview mode.


For example, the photo in the following screenshot has a resolution of 1024 × 538, which does fit the preview windows. By clicking the preview mode button on the left, you can switch to 1:1 preview mode and view the photo in its actual size.


Preview Photos in Actual Size


Update FonePaw Data Recovery to 1.1.6 and get a taste of these new features right now!

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