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5 Best iPhone Photography Apps of all Time

By FonePaw | Dec 31 , 2015

Compared to other functions, iPhone's camera seems have more impact on people's life due to its powerful functions, especially with the release of iPhone 6s with stunning 12-megapixel shooter. We use it to take lots of photos and share them with our family and friends. Perhaps it's difficult to imagine a feature being more influential than the iPhone's camera. To help iPhone camera attain a yet higher improvement, we list 5 best photography apps ever made for iPhone, for some good reason. They're respectively:  VSCO Cam, Qwik, TinType, SKRWT, and Hipstamatic.



It is one of the most interesting and innovative photos apps offers interesting effects for both shooting and editing. It features a sleek users interface and advanced camera controls, including manual focus, shutter speed, white balance, and exposure compensation for unprecedented creative control. If you are keen on creating incredible photos with streamline process, VSCO Cam is your best bet as it simplifies the editing process with one set of edits to multiple photos with Copy + Paste features and reverse edits with Single Step Undo. If you want a simple image editor that also offers some great filter effects, VSCO Cam is it.




Qwik call itself the fastest and easiest photo editor to make pretty photos and to share them with friends on your favorite social media. It wins its name for its plenty of handy fonts and frames with which you can edit your images in seconds. Besides, you can share photos you took with your friends via its built-in online community. And the most impressive point of Qwik lies in its constantly updated filters and features which keeps itself refreshing and appealing to photographers.




If you are a selfie enthusiast you're recommended to give a try to TinType majoring at creating hauntingly beautiful and soul capturing portraits. There are fully customizable effect controls allowing you to tweak the eye intensity, plate grain, and depth-of-field. You can choose to edit your selfie either in full frame or square format. Better yet, it enables nondestructive photo editing, that’s to say, the original is always saved so you can revert back to the camera raw file at any time.




SKRWT is an app that makes photos shot by high-end smartphone more perfect. What impresses me the most of SKRWT is that it corrects distorted lines due to the wide-angle lens in most of today's mobile phones. You're entitled to correct horizontal and vertical distortion with just one swipe. That's simple! With SKRWT in hand, you don't need to worry about taking photos with converging or crooked lines. Built-in EXIF Reader enables you to see your shots aperture, shutter, ISO and more at one glance.




Hipstamatic is given a high value on its friendly UI and perfect simulation of real camera. The interface is very simple because it keeps the necessary icons only to make the switch between different functions with no difficulty. The reverse side enables you to control Flashlight and Double Exposure and you can switch camera and other module in the obverse side. Another recipe of its unfailing success is high quality camera film consists of "camera", "film" and "flashlight." You are allowed to take photos with random effect of any two of them by shaking you iPhone. Since you don’t know what effect will come out so you won’t feel bored about taking photos with Hipstamatic. What's more, you will surely be inspired by its constantly updated freshness.



May iPhone's default camera have done great job in getting beautiful photos, but if you want more features, a third-party app almost always does something better.  And we sure that you’re bound to find the one you like. Or if you have any other recommends, feel free to leave on comment!


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