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Top 10 Best iPhone 6s Cases

By FonePaw | Oct 08 , 2015

The iPhone 6s is in your hand and it is time to take about how to select an beautiful iPhone 6s case. Whether it's just for basic protection or to enhance your style, as well as powerful tool to express your personality, iPhone 6s case becoming pretty much essential accessory for you.


Here, we have rounded up top 10 best iPhone 6s we have come across so far to keep your new Apple device safe and protected. Now, check out the gallery to see the case options available to look after your iPhone 6s.


1. Apple Leather Case

Classic, elegant, simple. Just like Apple's phones, the company's official cases ooze class and understated appeal.
Price: $45.00

Where to Buy: Apple Official Store

Apple Leather Case


2. Spigen Crystal Clear iPhone 6s Case

When you don't want the protective case to mess up style & looks of your iPhone 6s, you can go with Spigen Crystal Clear iPhone 6s Case, which is literally transparent. Despite the crystal clear design, it's to be noted that material the case uses is hard Polycarbonate and there’s a bumper that is made of Tetra Polyurethane. When combined, this duo turns out to be a protective-enough layer that you can find for your Apple iPhone 6s.

Price: $10.99


Spigen Crystal Clear iPhone 6s Case


3. Ringke Fusion Crystal View iPhone 6s Case

Ringke Fusion Crystal View iPhone 6s Case is probably the optimal choice you can make if you don't mind its hard PC coating being completely transparent. Its transparency is so awesome that you won't apparently feel the presence of a protective case around, though the level of protection is impressive enough. Apart from its hard Polycarbonate shell, the TPU-made bumper of the protective is worth-noting, after all. Also, Ringke has left some options to let you customize the protective case according to your aesthetic sense. And, it's affordably priced.

Price: $9.99


Ringke Fusion Crystal View iPhone 6s Case


4. Ionic Pro BELLA iPhone 6s Case

It's a common iPhone 6s case you would find in the market and don't be surprised if people failed to recognize your iPhone 6s after putting this layer of protection atop. Yet, Ionic Pro BELLA iPhone 6s Case offers you a better level of protection against erosion as well as fingerprints, along with the 360-degree protection that is combined. Of course, we got to consider the pricing of Ionic Pro BELLA iPhone 6s Case before we make judgments.

Price: $9.99

Ionic Pro BELLA iPhone 6s Case


5. Ionic ACTIVE Sport iPhone 6 / 6s Armband

While a regular case may be fine most days, people who hit the gym on a regular basis likely need some kind of armband case. This style from Ionic Pro is a nice option for runners, gymrats, or anyone who just likes to keep their phone on their body at all times.

Price: $8.85

Ionic ACTIVE Sport iPhone 6s Armband


6. Obliq Slim Meta Apple iPhone 6s Case

This gold-tone iPhone 6 case is another solid option for people who prefer very slim or metallic cases. Precise cutouts ensure that the bottom of the case has some protection, but that you will still be able to quickly insert any cables or plugs. The brushed texture gives this case a smooth, cool look. However, those who are accident-prone may prefer an iPhone case that has a more grippy body.

Price: $9.99


Obliq Slim Meta Apple iPhone 6s Case


7. Caseflex iPhone 6s Case Black Genuine Leather Wallet

For those who prefer the style and convenience of a wallet case, we recommend this new case from Caseflex. The interior has room for two cards and some cash. Other wallet cases out there sometimes have three slots, but the two-slot case is sometimes superior (they close up a lot neater than a slot that's crammed with three cards). The closure is magnetic, not snap-based. Contrast stitching helps elevate the look of this case, and really makes it pop.

Price: $12.99

Caseflex iPhone 6s Case Black Genuine Leather Wallet


8. Caseology Wavelength Series Textured Pattern Case for iPhone 6s (2015) & iPhone 6

Sometimes, you want a case that's got cool little details. This line of cases from Caseology stands out for their beautiful colors, and the coordinating colors on the button covers. It's a little touch, but one that really makes this case look gorgeous and stand out from the pack. This case is also available in pink, black, and "turquoise mint". This case is made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane, a common material in cases that also happens to be highly resistant to oil, dirt, and scratches.

Price: $15.99


Caseology Wavelength Series Textured Pattern Case for iPhone 6s


9.  New Trent Trentium 6s Rugged Case

If you're one of those people who like to change your case to suit your mood (or your outfit), then this case is a cool option. It comes with three different metallic backplates, allowing you to suit your mood, or just reflect the color of the phone underneath the case.

Price: $18.95

 New Trent Trentium 6s Rugged Case


10. AKLV Cute Hearts Liquid Case for iPhone 6s

Prefer cases that are unusual or super-cute? This is a case unlike any other we've seen. There's a layer of liquid trapped in the case, with a ton of glitter suspended inside. This is an unusual case that will appeal to young women and teens in particular. The case also comes with a small stylus that can be attached via the headphone jack and stored with your phone.


Price: $9.99

 AKLV Cute Hearts Liquid Case for iPhone 6s


Note: Except for Apple Leather Case, you can buy all other iPhone 6s cases listed in this page on Amazon.


Have you used any of them? Do you want to introduce more iPhone 6s case to us? Tell us in the comment below.


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Radha Kishan
Radha Kishan
7 year before

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Adrian Smith
7 year before

Very nice posting. We like it. PunkCase also provides the different types of iPhone Cases. Thanks for great information.

Emily Watson
7 year before
Reply to  Adrian Smith

Thanks for sharing.

Case Logy
Case Logy
7 year before

Thanks For Sharing Information.

6 year before

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