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What is the real advantage of using VPS Hosting?

By FonePaw | Feb 10 , 2022

VPS hosting is among the most common ways to get online. It offers several, from greater reliability to better security. These are some of the genuine advantages provided by VPS hosting that may make you want to choose this kind of hosting over shared or dedicated hosting:


What is VPS Hosting?

VPS stands for "Virtual Private Server." It is a great compromise between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. You'll be able to have your own chunk of server resources while simultaneously having the advantages of using multiple servers. 


You won't need to share CPU, RAM, or other data, but you also won't pay as much as you would for a dedicated server. By using a managed VPS hosting platform, you get many of the advantages of dedicated hosting and shared hosting. 


Advantages of VPS Hosting 


VPS hosting offers greater reliability compared to shared hosting. When lots of users share a server, increased traffic can result in slowdowns for all of the sites. 


By contrast, when you use a dedicated server, you are dependent on your own management to keep the server running properly. VPS hosting offers a superb compromise that can result in greater reliability with less effort on your part.


Your Own Resources

With a VPS server, you get a specified amount of RAM and CPU for your use. This means that you'll be able to handle the amount of traffic you expect to your website and won't have unexpected slowdowns because you don't have sufficient resources. 


Unlike a dedicated server, which provides you with plenty of your own resources but comes at a considerable cost, VPS hosting provides you with lots of resources at a very reasonable price.



When you purchase a dedicated server, you will have as much power to run your website as you're likely to need. However, you'll be paying a lot for it. 


If you don't yet need those kinds of resources, you may overpay for some time until your website catches up with your host. However, using VPS hosting allows you to scale up when you need to so you'll have as many resources as you need for the site you're running as your site grows.



Perhaps one of the most important positive attributes of VPS hosting is that it just works better. Unfortunately, even slight, occasional slowdowns on your website can negatively affect your users' opinion of your site, causing you to lose their confidence and possibly their business. 


Shutdowns can also occur frequently with dedicated servers since running the server completely by yourself can result in issues. Therefore, VPS hosting may offer the best performance available.


Set It and Forget It

Managed VPS hosting takes care of everything for you so that you can worry about running your website. Unlike dedicated hosting, which requires you to handle every aspect of managing the hosting yourself, or shared hosting, which often requires you to chase after the host service trying to figure out why something's going wrong, VPS hosting doesn't demand much from you at all. 



With a VPS host, you'll have access to the root environment, something that isn't possible with shared or cloud hosting. That means that you don't have to depend on the software that the hosting provider chooses. 


You can choose your own software and implement whatever changes you like to that software on the server. This is important for industry-specific software or when additional security is required.



A VPS host may not be as cheap as shared hosting, but it offers tremendous advantages for much less cost than dedicated hosting. Since VPS hosting is so scalable, you only need to pay for exactly the level of hosting that you require at any given time, which can save you a lot of money, especially if you don't know exactly how much traffic to expect from your website



Website speed is a huge factor if you want to offer a great user experience and improve your SEO. A VPS host is one of the best ways to maintain a consistently fast website that will offer a lot of value to users and make it more likely that Google will suggest your site in search results. 


Unlike shared hosting, where server resources are divided between many sites, you will always have the resources you've paid for with VPS hosting. 



You already know that a VPS host makes it easy to scale your site as it grows. However, with VPS hosting, your site can also scale during traffic surges. 


For instance, if you're going to promote a big sale or contest that's going to cause significantly more viewers to your site during a temporary period, you can upgrade your service as needed to account for the spike and then scale down if necessary.


Take Advantage of a VPS Host

VPS hosting is the best host choice for many websites for all of these reasons and more. Unless you have a massive site requiring a dedicated server or are just playing around with your website, a VPS is likely the best option for you.

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