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Apple Kills iPod Nano/Shuffle, Here's Where You Can Still Get It

By FonePaw | Aug 11 , 2017

Apple announced that it is discontinuing iPod Nano and Shuffle, leaving only two models of iPod Touch in iPod family. On, the websites for both the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle have been taken down. The death of iPod Nano/Shuffle is also the end of an era.


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Say Goodbye to iPod Nano/Shuffle

Apple's killing iPad Nano/Shuffle doesn't come as surprise. Since iPod Nano was added Bluetooth support for wireless headphones and speakers in 2012 and iPod Shuffle released its fourth-gen model in 2010, the two iPods haven't received any significant update other than adding new color options from time to time.

iPod Nano Shuffle Discontinue

When being released in 2005, the first generation of iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano had been two big sellers. The success of these two MP3 players had played an important role in Apple's transition from a computer company to an electronic giant. However, as the popularity of iPhone and other smart phones is increasing, traditional iPods without internet connectivity and iOS system are going down. By the fourth quarter of 2014, the sale of iPod made up only 1% of Apple's total revenue. It is only natural for Apple to put an end to these unprofitable products.


Where to Get iPod Nano and Shuffle

If you need a small portable audio player to enjoy music during workout or something, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle are still decent choices. If you couldn't find iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle in Apple Stores and other resellers, you can still get them on shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, Walmart and. Currently, in the United States, the 7th generation iPod Nano starts at $149 with 16GB of storage, while the iPod Shuffle costs $49 with 2GB of storage.


Get a iPod Touch Instead

While Apple is cutting iPod Nano/Shuffle, the company also make change to iPod Touch by increasing the capacities of the touch to 64GB at $199 and 128GB at $299. The Touch was previously sold in 16GB and 64GB models at the same prices. If you need a audio player, now is a good time to get an iPod Touch.

iPod Family

What do you think about Apple's discontinuing iPod Nano/Shuffle. Leave your comment below.

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