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How to Fix Music Won't Play on iPhone/iPod

By FonePaw | Feb 04 , 2018

Strange things happen all the time. Recently I found that many people are suffering the painful experience of not being able to play music on iPhone or iPod. The same thing happened to me weeks ago and I learned this happened in various situations. So the only way to fix music won't play is to figure out the crux of all problems.


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Solution 1: How to Get Loud on iPhone/iPod
Solution 2:  Fix Music Won't Play due to Poor Connectivity
Solution 3: Fix Music Won't Play by Dirt inside iPhone/iPod Jack
Solution 4: Restore Your iPhone/iPod


Solution 1: How to Get Loud on iPhone/iPod

Sometimes music won't produce sound due to volume limit on settings. How to revise this?


STEP 1. Launch Settings app on the home screen and scroll down to locate and enter "Music", then you’ll see Volume Limit (On/Off).


Go to Settings Music Volume Limit


STEP 2. Enter Volume Limit interface, move the slider of volume limit to the right.


Move Slider of Volume Limit to the Right


Solution 2:  Fix Music Won't Play due to Poor Connectivity


Sometimes you can't play music on iPhone/iPod after you disconnect the iPhone from a computer or when you remove the earphone out of the faucet on iPhone/iPod. In that case, you can try to re-plug in your iPhone/iPod to PC and remove it or plug your earphone into the jack and then remove it again. The moment you connect PC or earphone to iPhone/iPod, the software will turn off the speaker and turn on when you plug them out. While poor wire connectivity may prevent software from turning the speaker on so as to stop producing sound. Reconnecting the iPhone may have a chance to trigger this software pass-out problem.


Plug and Remove iPhone from Dock


Solution 3: Fix Music Won't Play by Dirt inside iPhone/iPod Jack


If you put your iPhone/iPod on the pocket, you'll easily have its port stored with dust which can also be the crux of not being able to play sound. Use a slim objective to gently clean out the dust stored in the iPhone/iPod port may be helpful.


Clean Out Dirt on iPhone Jack


Solution 4: Restore Your iPhone/iPod


If above methods don't help. You may restore your iPhone/iPod to factory settings. Restoring software deletes all of your data and content from your device including songs, videos, contacts, photos, and calendar info. Thus it is recommendable that you back up your data to the computer to prevent any files lost during the process. Then follow steps below to reset your iPhone/iPod


STEP 1. Connect your iPhone/iPod to a computer via USB cable.

STEP 2. Click on your iPhone, iPod icon when it appears in iTunes at the top left corner.

STEP 3. In the Summary tab, click Restore iPhone in the right interface.


Restore iPhone via iTunes 12


STEP 4. Confirm that you want to restore factory settings despite erasing data and iTunes will download related software files and restore your iDevice.


Confirm Factory Restore


STEP 5. After being restored to factory settings, iOS device will restart with below screen. Then you can activate it as a fresh one or you can use previous backup as instructions.


Restore iPhone to Factory Settings


Hope this post works for you and enjoy your music again!


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