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WWDC 2016:10 New Features unveiled with iOS10

By FonePaw | Jun 15 , 2016

Apple kicked off its 27th annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 13, 2016 in San Francisco. At its WWDC 2016 keynote address, four major software announcements were made, unveiling iOS 10, Mac OS Sierra, Watch OS 3, TV OS. For iPhone/ iPad users, iOS 10 is undoubtedly the most eye-catching update. According to the Apple CEO Tim Cook, the iOS 10 release is the mother of all releases. Is iOS 10 going to be a major breakthrough of Apple history? Let's seek for the answer by going through the 10 new features of iOS 10.

WWDC 2016


Lock Screen


Apart from its new interface, the new lock screen displays notification the moment when users pick up the phone. Equipped with 3D Touch features, its quick actions menu enables users to respond texts, view email content, and other more operations with screen locked.

Apple Lock Screen




Apple first opens Siri up to developers, which means that you can enjoy third-party apps, such as Slack, WeChat, Uber, Shutterfly, Saqure, with the help of Siri. The digital assistant can help you with ordering dinner, getting a cab and much more.

WWDC Keynote Address


Quicktype Keyboard


With Siri integration, which uses deep learning to give response suggestion, Quicktype makes your textual conversation more intelligent. For example, when your friend asks where you are, Quicktype can automatically provide you with the suggestion to send your location to him/her. Moreover, it can recommend emoji to replace words in your text.

Quicktype Keyboard




iMessage does a better job on privacy protection . When sending private messages, users are able to change the size of the text with Bubble effects or cover up the sensitive content using Invisible Ink so that the recipient has to slide over it to view the text. Apple also opens iMessage to developers. On iOS 10, users can access different apps through "App Drawer" on the messaging screen, which make it possible to do stuff like send a payment with Square Cash. Other than that, new iMessage is more user-friendly. Emoji are 3x and handwritten messages are available. And users can now open in-line video and images shared by friends without leaving the app.

Handwritten Message


Photos App


Using deep learning, the new Apple Photos app is improved with facial, object, scene recognition, making image classification easier. Moreover, the new feature "Memories" can automatically categorize pictures based on the location and date that they are taken and create a short video to display the photos with music.

Photo App Object Recognition


Maps App


The redesigned Apple Maps has a simpler interface, and by applying deep learning, it can provide route suggestion by getting information from your calendar. As Apple also opens Maps app up to third-party app, you may be able to order a taxi or book restaurant without leaving the Maps app.

Apple Map App


Apple Music


To provide better service to its more than 15 million users, the Apple Music app of iOS 10 comes with a simpler UI, putting more emphasis on music. There is a new "For You" section to recommend music that fit your taste. And radio option also adds to the app. Moreover, users can get access to lyrics when playing songs.

Apple Music App


Apple News


The new Apple News app redesigns its UI. It shares some similarities with the UI of Apple Music app, very simple and with big text. A Subscription feature is added, which means that you can read magazines and websites that you have subscribed to within Apple News app.


Phone App


The Phone app is enhanced with the following new features: the ability to transcript voicemail; an extension API to filter spam call; showing image of the caller.


To better look into iOS 10's new features, let's wait till July for the public beta program of iOS10 and expect the official launch of iOS 10 this fall.

iOS 10 Coming This Fall

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