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The best Mac apps for students

By FonePaw | Feb 22 , 2022

A selection of useful apps for macOS will help you allocate your time wisely, highlight your primary and secondary tasks, and figure out how to get on with your life. You’ll also be able to have your life under control. Some of these apps will give you a clear understanding of when I can handle all of it myself and when I better find someone to write my critical analysis for me or help me with any other writing assignments. Here is such an effective and productive selection of practical programs for ever-busy people. Try to do everything and leave time for fun? Let's do it!


Grafio 3

A well-designed diagram is an adornment of any coursework. Grafio 3 will help you create a clear visualization: any complex information will turn into a neat diagram, where everything is arranged in a row. You can spend some time and draw the diagram directly on the iOS device, and then build it into the presentation and finish all the necessary details on the Mac. The app is not as simple as it seems: it automatically recognizes shapes, they seamlessly connect to each other, and you can play with fonts, colors, and overlapping objects.



Need to make a simple website quickly? Here's a very simple, feature-rich Sparkle app. It's easy to figure out and make a user-friendly site by coming up with an original design and adding the necessary interface elements. You can use ready-made templates, varying the arrangement of blocks and filling pages with different information. Great software for beginners or those who need a simple tool to create a quality layout without much time spent.


Roadmap Planner

In this application, you will calculate the prospects for the development of the project, if you are engaged in calculations of works on the economy, or maybe it will be useful if you are a student running a business or doing some freelance work. You make a visual grid of when and what should happen, add icons and arrows, building cause-and-effect relationships. Thus, you get a story where you plan the entire project, and then try to follow the chosen trajectory of development. In the Apple Store, the program can be downloaded for free, but if you need additional features, you will have to pay.


Omni Focus 2

Here we have a list of tasks and important things to do, where you can divide all your planned activities into projects and mark the most important things for today. The clever app can sort data and make predictions to estimate future workloads. Do you want to schedule your life by minutes and not waste time on trifles?


Tyme 2

Students have fun from session to session, so when it's time to turn in your term papers, you might go nuts: where to find the time, how to determine whether I need help from top essay companies because I don’t have enough time to do it myself? To keep everything on time, get software that will make you more efficient. For visibility, use the color markers, as well as a timer. By the way, if you also do freelance work, the program will help you calculate how much time you spend on a project and how much you can earn on it. The application works on macOS, iOS and Apple Watch, synchronization via iCloud - all data will be at hand when you want to assess your productivity at the end of the semester.


Autodesk Sketchbook

This popular program comes in handy for drawing, and it's easy to get used to by both novices and graphics experts - the interface is simple and straightforward. Create in the editor with layering, a wide color palette, and fine-tuning brush thicknesses. The macOS app is formally free, but it's hard to make it without a visit to the store with in-app purchases if you're a professional graphic artist. For a surcharge, you can get synchronization through iCloud to work on different devices, as well as additional tools for creativity.


Autodesk Graphic

Macs have a reputation for being the best technology for creative people. Let's say you want to do vector graphics on your MacBook, but you don't know what app to use. Here's an example - the Autodesk Graphic app works on iOS as well, so you can always dive in on the go or show off your creativity using iCloud sync. Pros will appreciate the ability to work via a plug-in tablet to work more accurately with images. All the features you need - heaps of tools, layers, support for all popular formats and exports - are at your fingertips.


So, using these apps for Mac will make your student life easier, more organized, and more efficient. They will help you if you’re not just studying but running your own business, doing freelance work, or have a job.

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