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Christmas Gifts 2015: 10 Gift Ideas for Grandparents

By FonePaw | Dec 13 , 2015

Is  Christmas the special day for kids or young people only? The answer is certainly no. Your elder parents and grandparents also deserve TLC at this beautiful day. Now matter you want to improve the relationship between elder parents or just want to buy them something, the most important thing should keep in mind is that they don't need anything stuffs, instead, you should know their need and what means to as the aged. Here I will recommend shopping the elder parents something help them to live better. Such as something good to their body and health, something create happy experience with family and something help them advance with times.

1. A Membership to Local Scenic Spots

The old aged always a group to sense loneliness at the first time. So they love to travel to some interesting places with people they love. Grandchildren and their family will be the first choice at their available options. The trip may provide you a different way to get along with and know better about each other.


A Membership at Christmas Night


2. Taxi Wallet

An ultra-slim, compact leather wallet designed to carry cards and keys anywhere you travel and it got its name because "taxi" has the same meaning in all languages. Easily accessible outside pocket for cards and receipts. The Taxi Wallet is beautifully constructed and perfectly designed to fit all the essentials without being too bulky.


Taxi Wallet


3. Hand Free Hair Dryer

Unlike traditional hair dryers, AirPhysics directs airflow upwards for maximum volume and body. You don't have to pick it up, but should you choose to do so, the lightweight ergonomic design is a pleasure to hold. Actually it was created in order to prevent the painful wrist, shoulder, and neck injuries that have been attributed to traditional gun-type hair dryers.What a convenient and useful gift!


Hand Free Hair Dryer


4. Electric Heated Foot Warmer

As grandparents grow elder, they will be fear of coldness than ever before. As a result, they may not fall into sleep, so Electric heated foot warmer is perfect to use at home while relaxing on the couch, laid flat on the end of your bed for a great nights rest or at the office making the day better. Constructed from luxurious ultra plush fleece fabric that is exceptionally durable, the foot warmer brings comfort to cold and sleepless feeds.


Electric Heated Foot Warmer


5. Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner

As we all know, so many old aged parents suffer insomniacs, especially in cold winter day. Experts say that sometimes it is better for those who can't sleep at night to get out of bed and do something distracting. Sleep easy sound conditioner creates the soothing sound of rushing air known as white noise – with two speed operation for a greater range of sound. Fully adjustable tone and volume makes it great for restful sleep night.


Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner


6. Hear Locket

If you want send the elder parents you loved a memorable pictures about the times you spent together, but don't want to use a big frame, the heart locket is your best choice. It is tiny and light and the elder parents can carry the photo everywhere they travel. One thing is that you don't need to buy one so expensive, a elegant and decent one will be wonderful. Of course, you should not forget to engrave the photo before giving them the gift.


Heart Locket


7. A Guide to Internet

Many old aged are still being denied from new technology even they can support financially due to their little knowledge of Internet. As a result, the elder parents can not follow the status quo through Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, or blogs. To connect your life with the elder parents, it is suggested that you buy a book to them and guide them how to use the basic functions of Internet. By doing that, not only can they keep in touch with your current situation, but also keep their life being updated with national news and funny things happened all over the world.


Connection with Internet


8. An Wooden Automatic Card Shuffler

For those elder who love playing cards game, an automatic card shuffler helps them to enjoy more as they don't have to shuffle manually to save times. And one of the advantages of wood-making is that it produce little noise compare against plastic. This card shuffler brings family to spend more time together.


Automatic Wooden Cards Shuffler


9. Massage

Nothing is more refreshing and comfortable to have a massage for the old ages who often suffer physical rigid. Massage can help prevent those niggling injuries that so often get in the way of performance and achievement. Besides,professional massage can also help strained muscles, and allow the healthy ones reach peak performance and while reducing the risk of injury. If you yourselves are not able to do that, you can take them to the special massage therapist.




10. Club Card to Gym

When one grows old, health become the first concern. To keep a healthy body, doing exercise is essential. For elder parents who enjoy doing yoga or jogging etc. With a club card in hand, they are able to go to gym regularly. Not only for the sake of health, but also kill the time and making friends without family aside.




Do I miss other thoughtful and creative ideas for grandparents in this list, please don't hesitate to tell on below comment so that I can update it.

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