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10 Amazing Gifts for Men in 2015 - Christmas Present for Him

By FonePaw | Dec 09 , 2015

As we all know Christmas is right around the corner, it is the high time making shopping lists. With so many choices in the market, buying the right presents for the ones you love is definitely a challenge. And it is even harder when it comes to the right presents for a man. Here is the top 10 amazing Christmas gifts shopping list for you. If you have husband, boyfriend, brother, son, father, grandfather, uncle, cousin, we’re pretty sure we have got you covered. Buying the man you love a great presents to make a happier Christmas.


1. Romantic Trips

Planning a romantic trip for him will be the ultimate and most memorable Christmas gift for him. You may arrange several extracurricular activities to make the trip more colorful and take plenty of precious photos to freeze the moment lifetime.

Chnristmas Romantic Trips


2. Pillow Tie

This is an un-usual tie with dual functions. When you are in office, it is just a normal tie as others. After work, if you need some sleep, you just need to charge it with air and you can enjoy a sweet napping in office. Isn’t it the perfect choice for you to enjoy a napping during office?

Pillow Tie


3. Stuhrling

Stuhrling is a Swiss watch brand which is known for its perfection and precision of its watch core. And most people like its small dial and exposed design. Every man deserves a great watch, why no buy him one as a Christmas gift?

Stuhrling Watch

4. How to be A Man

The book covers variety of topics including work, manner, family and travel with humorous language. It will be the great gift for young man, however, man at all ages can enjoy it and they have the chance to become a gentle in happy reading.

How to be A Man Book


5. Leather Kit

Another great Christmas gift for man is a high quality leather toiletry kit. For stylish man, he may need large room to manage his personal items. To make this a real unique and luxurious gift for him, you may engrave it with initials of him or other person who is important for him.

Leather Kit


6. USB Thermoelectric Warmer/Cooler

Christmas is a season of coldness, and nothing is more refreshing than having nice and warm drink while at work during such a cold day. This mini warmer gets charged by connecting to your PC with USB cable which enables you to enjoy your drink at any time during your work. What’s more, it also has a function as a cooler to cool down your favorite drink in summer. What a useful mini gadget, maybe it is the best Christmas gift.

USB Thermoelectric Warmer and Cooler


7. Bluetooth Gloves

The glove has a built in Bluetooth headset in the left glove and it works for iOS, and Android as well. It has a rechargeable battery that can be charged with USB cable. Utilizing an integrated microphone and speaker in the tips of the thumb and little finger, and a control pad on the top, you can communicate without taking your phone out of your pocket. This comfy and warm glove serves as the perfect gift in the cold winter day for every man.

Bluetooth Gloves


8. MeUndies Underwear

MeUndies are the world's most comfortable underwear brand. They made from modal fabric which is twice as soft as cotton. Its top-of-the-line quality want regret you to having it.

MeUndies Underwear


9. Cologne Perfume

Cologne perfume is always the winning gift for man as the every stylish man has his exclusive cologne to indicate his grade. Pick up the right cologne to a man may impress him a lot on Christmas. When selecting, you should pay special attention to his taste according to his daily like. Do not pick the scent he dislikes.

Cologne Perfume for Men


10. Beard Cap

Do you want to have your beard longer without any side effects? You may have a try with this beard cap if other beard-growth tonics do not please you. Beard cap is made from hair and acrylic fibers. What’s more, it is disassemble and requires no razor.

Beard Cap


Which gift do you like best? Tell us in the comments below.


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