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Too Many Toys: 15 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

By FonePaw | Dec 12 , 2015

Are you ready? Christmas Day is approaching on the heels of Halloween, Thanksgiving, or maybe your birthday. If you are a kid, you may feel excited to experience so many festivals in a year. But if you a parent, you may feel stressful.


You may understand why kids feel excited about the coming Christmas day. But how about feeling stressful? Actually, it’s not that difficult to figure it out. As a parent, did you feel annoying to clean out the stuff your kids received from relatives on all kinds of festival day just to save rooms for more stuff on the next coming festival? Have you complained with other parents about receiving too much toys on festival? Have you ever told to your parents or relatives buy presents with limitation amount but they treated it as unheeded? Or you just don’t knowing what to buy for kids anymore as they have many toys?


If your answers are yes, what will you do to celebrate this coming Christmas day with simplicity or even wonderfulness?


Kids like toys; however, they are not expected to remember all the toys they received, not to mention who send them which toy. Of course the moment they received the gifts they may remember which present coming from whom, they might not two or three weeks after Christmas day. What’s worse, given more, they play less. And is also the inducement of kids thinking everything for granted.


I think every festival is a day to create memory. So why not giving kids something value, something memorable rather than buying something material without any value? Kids are unable to remember what toys they received but they won’t forget what they experience on that special day as their experience will become part of their growth.


Alternative Christmas Gift of Kids (Non-toy)


1. Planning Mutual Project Together
Are you a father who enjoys woodworking? Do not give the kids your final work directly. You can plan a hand-making project with him/her, joining him/her in project making process. Mutual work made by two of you makes kids appreciate your effort and the moment you spend together.


Plan Mutual Work with Kids


2. Classes
Do you know what does your kid like? May be he is a music lover, a sport lover, a sew lover. Pay special attention to your kid favorite or talk to him/her to figure it out and gift a lesson accordingly. You kid will appreciate and thankful for your arrangement rather than thinking he/her is entitled to that.


3. A Trip
Kids like things new and changing. They feel no more excited about the long-living place. Christmas is a good time to plan a trip your kid and your family of course. Just take it as a compliment to the kid for your absence most time during his/her growth and you can also relax after hard working.


Christmas Trip with Kids


4. Gift Cards
Gift cards to favorite ice cream, cake, digital books, and music devices shop are adorable.


5. A Movie
Movie Theater is always the place people hang out to. Sitting in the theater with a cup of coca cola and a popcorn bucket is bound to be rare experience of you family as you may not be able to enjoy this usually.

Family Movie


6. Extracurricular activity items
Suppose that your kid is keen on ballet, a tutu is great for him/her. If you kid is signed up for sport team, you can choose a football, or basketball etc.


7.  Skiing
Christmas sees the advent of cold winter day. When winter comes, kids are so excited to have fun related with snow. Such as having a snowball fight, building a snowman. Apart from that, you can take him/her to a skiing lesson if they like. Your special care will instill your kid the spirit of gratitude and appreciation. And won’t be able to forget such a wonderful experience.

Skiing with Kids on Christmas


8.  Music Instrument
Every music lover is eager to have an own music instrument. You may not able to offer a piano, violin, a harmonica or a guitar will be enough. The kid not always to support his/her life by using music ability. However, playing something he/her likes makes life filled with happiness.


9. (Stamp) Collection
If you don't know what kind of collection to give, you can start from stamp. To build collecting a personal habit requires someone hold on to it for long time. However, once your kid can insist, his/her collections will become his/her closest friend to company his/her growth. Collections also help in making friends with other, broadening horizon.

Christmas Stamp Collection


10. Travel Bags & Supplies
If you are a person conducting usual business trip, you may clearly know the importance of bags to organize all the little stuffs. Sometimes you kid may want to spend the days outside, like at grandpa house. With toiletry bag you prepared, the kid gears himself/herself up for outing and is willing to arrange necessary stuff independently.


11. A Cartoon Money Pot
Good habit is always fostered since one’s childhood. Gift you kid a piggy bank and talk to him/her that this is for saving money day by day. You may put money in advance if you like. Every day seed this piggy bank with certain amount of cash or coins. This behavior helps your kid to realize the hardship of making money and the importance of saving and managing it.

A Cartoon Money Pot


12. Making Nursing Items
Guide you kid to do something value and memorable on Christmas day. Such as taking him/her to do some homemade vase or other little gadgets and donate them to local nursing house. Or maybe your kid will suggest to donating his/her old and spare toys and clothes. You should not be mean to give your compliment and encouragement. Take photos to freeze this moment for life time, when you kid grows up, he/her must be proud of himself/herself recalling this experience.


13. Physical Books
Living in a rapid-expansion era of E-Tech. Physical books are often ignored as more and more people find it convenient to read through Internet. However, the quality of on-line books are not exactly licensed and guaranteed. Kids are unable to clarify what is good for them. So, gift the quality books and spend your family hours on the endless sea of books. The words in books will bring the hearts to you closest than even before.

Physical Books


14. Clothes
Everything unchanged bores kids. Finding things new and fresh is the most outstanding trait of kids. You kid must want to present a pleasant appearance in front of his/her little friends. Thus buying you kid licensed and high-test clothes is also a wise choice.


15. Ichi-go Ichi-e
Occupying with endless work, do you feel regret about failing to witness all aspect of your kid during his/her childhood. Then make promise to your kid on Christmas day that you will save time to get together with him/her at least once a month for a family outing.

Family Together


None of these is toy for kids for this coming Christmas day. Kids like toys, but somehow they will outgrow toys and other gaming materials. However, they will always remember all the funny and value things they experience at their childhood. Besides, the good habit and behaviors they build up since early time make they become a better person.


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