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Humin Reinvents Your Phone and Contacts App

By FonePaw | Jan 02 , 2016

With Humin, Your phone and contacts app now remembers all of your relationships.


Humin hooks into your phone, Facebook and LinkedIn contacts and combines them with your calendar, email and voicemail to provide context to all those people listed in your phone. It sorts your contacts according to a variety of factors including your location, the frequency you connect with the person and how well you know about them.  What's more, Humin utilizes contextual information to predict who you most likely want to connect with and presents them in the front of others. The more you use Humin, the better anticipation it will give to you. Let’s see how it better serves iPhone users.


1. Automatically Clean up Your Contacts

If you’re using smartphone to connect with other since your middle school, it;s sure that you've hoarded a great number of contacts, and with the expansion of your social circle, you may find that your contacts list is growing bulky. However the old phone app or the built-in Contacts app are too archaic to keep up. Fortunately, Humin can clean up your all contacts without lifting a finger. For example, it will automatically verify and updates your contacts with current information, merge duplicate entries, sync locally across all of the places you communicate and store info.


Homepage of Humin


2. Automatically Predict What You Want

Each time you launch Humin, it will presents you contacts you most likely want to talk with in the first place of the interface.  Such as, people live nearby and those whom you recently or frequently connected with.  Even if you're new to a city you won't worry about where to live or whom to find hang out with. Just launch Humin and it will tell you who to call.


Humin Predict What you Want


3. Help to Expand "Small World"

The moment you meet with a new friend and enter his phone number or email in Humin, it will immediately search your contacts list and presents you the mutual friends you share if any. If you love making friend with others, you're bound to feel satisfied with this amazing function to speed the connection. Besides, you don’t need to type the detail info by yourself as Humin will fill the profile with a photo and their name. After the contacts are saved, Humin will save the contexts of where and when you met, which also empowers another powerful function – search as you think.


Humin Expands Small World


4. Search Name as You Think

As mentioned above, Humin is able to note down the context you meet with (new) friends, so you can search contacts as you naturally think instead of imputing name or search by alphabetical categories. If you're not good at remembering people's name, that'll be very helpful. It also gets you out of awkwardness of being failed to recall the name of your new acquaintance met recently. That is disrespectful if you can't remember some if the counterpart act like you should be. Luckily, you can enter words like "met this month/week" to locate the right person.  Or you can enter "Friends with John" to identify if the name you don't remember is a mutual friend of you and John. That's it!


Humin Search as you Think


If you're still looking for apps to better serve your contacts organization with contextual info and anticipation, why not give Humin a try. You’re going to love it!


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