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5 Best Run Tracking Apps for iPhone

By FonePaw | Jan 14 , 2016

With the rise of the concept of health and fitness, running is now becoming a sought-after topic for many people. Some may run for personal best, others may run for marathon training program. Whatever your goals are, there are best run tracking apps for your iPhone to help you achieve better running results.


1. Nike+ Running

Nike+ Running distinguishes itself from its kinds with its exclusive function which allows you to show off your run with descriptions.  You can take photos before, during and after your run and customize them with your route, metrics and swoosh. Besides, Nike+ Running also provides regular function as other apps do. Such as, it allows you to set goals and monitor your performance and progress.  Guidance and training specialized for first-time runner and marathon veterans are also provided. You are able to challenge friends in group and rank the results leaderboard to stay motivated. Its integration with other health app also makes it an ideal run tracking app for you.


Nike Running


2. Runtastic

Like many run tracking apps out there, Runtastic tracks you running and jogging data including distance, duration, speed, elevation change, calories burned and more. With GPS technology, Runtastic enables you a lot of services, for example, you can track workouts in real-time, monitor your training diary, improve your performance with real voice coach, or compete against other and more interesting but practical actions. And I will share you two of the most unique features I like. One is the Auto Pause function. It utilizes motion sensor in your iPhone enable session automatically pauses when you stop moving, so the data shown to you turns to be more accurate. Another is Step Analysis. Though analysis of your step frequency and length, you’re able to know clear about your run so as to better adjust and improve it. However, one thing stop it from being perfect is its frequent upgrade notice and or recommend for other related apps seem a little bit annoying.




3. iRace Me Lite

For those who aim at 5k or 10k marathon or those reasoned runners who are keen of making progress through competition with others, iRace is for you. The appealing point of iRace is that it can locate running races around or you can search road races in any places as you like. After locating, its preview series offers you the access road routes (if available) so that you can get familiar with them. And if you want to take part in the race, you only need to send
"Challenges" to contacts and you can join the competiton.


iRace Me Lite


4. Runkeeper

Being known as the granddaddy of running apps, Runkeeper is one of the oldest and popular one for plenty of good reasons. It packs a lot of goodies including running race, cycling speed, route distance, elevation and calorie burn for any fitness activity in high accuracy and real-time. The top appeal of Runkeeper is that its built-in pre-planned routes provide you with navigations even you’re running any unfamiliar roads. What’s more, if you’re both a runner and music lover, Runkeeper is hard to beat. It runs with music and playlists from your iTunes library so that you can have an amazing run at the same time enjoy the favorite music. Isn’t it lovable?




5. MapMyRun

Map My Run is an even more feature-rich and award-winning run tracking app than Runkeeper including GPS running and workout tracking with calorie counting. It  provides more than 600 activities including running, cycling walking, gym workouts, cross training, yoga and tons of others, so that you can choose differently according to your daily preferences. However the most wonderful trimming of Map My Run is that it can connect with various companions. For example, you can share data with other health and nutrition apps like My Fitness Pal and Apple Health to conduct to realize data synchronization. If you want to get rid of loneliness when running, Activity Feed enables you to share your progress with friends and see what they are doing, or you can join Challenges for some friendly and virtual competition to re-burn your morale.


MapMyRun App


Running can be lonely. Through long time of runs you may feel lonely and hard to stick into it. However, with the help of mobile apps, you're able to enjoy more fun of running via sharing data, competing with friends, and stay motivated by ranking. I sure you will find one running app you like to make your running experience more interesting.


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