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How to Export Contacts from iCloud in Five Simple Steps

By FonePaw | Apr 14 , 2015

All contacts in our device can be synced to iCloud. Besides, iCloud allows you to export the contact straight from So it is very convenient for you if you want to get all contacts on your iPhone though you don't bring it with you. You can get access to the contacts and then backup the contacts or share them with others without using your device at all.


Once downloaded, you are available to import or upload the standar.vcf file type to any app or service that supports it.


How to export contacts from iCloud

Step 1: Search in any web browser and sign in your iCloud account.

Sign in iCloud Account


Step 2: Go to "Contacts"

Go to Contacts


Step 3: Select any contact in the All Contacts section, then click on Command +A to select all (Control + A on Windows).


Step 4: go to the gear icon in the lower left hand corner


Step 5: Choose "Export vCard". After that, you can choose to save the archive wherever you'd like. Then click on "Save" to finish the process.


Note: As you may have noticed, you can only export contacts as vCard files from iCloud. If you want to print iPhone contacts after exporting, you’d better export iPhone contacts as CSV files which can be easily open in Microsoft Excel in a page. FonePaw iOS Transfer can help you export iPhone contacts to CSV/VCF/vCard.

Choose Export vCard


Save Files


When the contacts have been exported to your Mac, you'd better import your contacts right into the Contacts app.

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