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Top 5 Weather Apps For Windows 10

By FonePaw | Sep 14 , 2018

With smartphones, when we want to check the weather for tomorrow, we don't have to wait for the weather broadcast in front of radio or television, nor do we have to call the observatory to ask for weather information, we can simply get it from the well-designed weather apps on our phones.


Then what about the computers? Is there any convenient weather app that we can use on the desktop just as on the smartphones? The answer is: Yes!


If you are looking for a nice weather app for desktop, you cannot miss this post. Here we've collected 5 best weather apps for desktop on Windows 10 for you. Each has its own merits. Read on to find your favorite one!


1.MSN Weather

MSN Weather is a free app for both Windows 10 PC and mobile, which attracts the most users. Free as it is, it contains many powerful functions, including basic forecast, weather maps, historical weather information, and even weather-related news.
In the forecast section, MSN Weather provides the basic local weather conditions with the animated weather maps, including information on temperature, weather patterns imagery, wind speed, and humidity. And a 10-day extended forecast is available. In the historical weather sections, weather conditions of the previous months can be tracked. In addition, you are able to read weather-related headlines in the news section, which will remind you of the noteworthy weather conditions. But MSN Weather also offers the severe weather alerts, so you don't have to worry about that. You can enjoy the brief notifications by the live tiles.
With a clean looking UI and so many powerful features, MSN Weather can be your best choice.


MSN Weather



The Forecast is an amazing app that can automatically identify your current location and provide the corresponding weather information. Although it doesn't show interesting weather maps, nor offer the extreme weather alerts, it still can be a wonderful weather app which can satisfy your basic need for the weather information. The highlighted features of Forecast include:

  • Weather information covering more than thousands of locations around the world. Quite convenient for travelers.
  • Accurate weather information with hourly subdivisions.
  • One week extended forecast.
  • Visual charts of detailed weather data.
  • Beautiful background picture that depicts the exact weather.

Similar to MSN Weather, Forecast is also both available for Windows 10 PC and mobile. It costs $1.49 but you can have a 15-day trial.





The most outstanding part of AccuWeather is that it serves as the data source of many other weather apps; thus it can definitely provide the accurate weather forecast.
AccuWeather has a clean interface with the background picture that exactly portrays the weather conditions outside. It not only offers the forecast temperature but also notes the "RealFeel" temperature. There are several dialog boxes in the screen, containing all the weather information you want. For example, the "Current" box includes the detailed information like humidity, UV index, and wind speed. The "Daily" and "Hourly" boxes give the forecast with exact temperature and weather patterns. You are able to edit these dialog boxes, to add or to delete, just like the widgets on the smartphone.
The free version of AccuWeather can generally satisfy the basic needs for weather information. But you can also pay for the ad-free experience and the 30- and 90-day forecast features.




4.The Weather Channel

It has to say that The Weather Channel has such a pleasant UI that you will be fascinated by its design. Not limited to the basic temperature and weather pattern, in The Weather Channel, you can acquire other detailed information like humidity, visibility, wind speed, dew point, and UV index.
Hourly forecast and accurate weather radar maps are also available. Besides, you can read the weather-related news on it to get the latest weather headlines around the world.


The Weather Channel


5.Appy Weather

Appy Weather is famous for its modern design and simple UI. With the clean display of general temperature and weather pattern, you can get what you want to know immediately with the first sight. And it is also a wonderful app with a fast and smooth operation.
Another interesting design in Appy Weather is the "Feels like" temperature. It will tell you how it feels like outside. In addition to these basic data, you can also get access to other detailed information, such as chances of rainfall, cloud cover, wind speed and direction, humidity, visibility, UV index and so on.
Basically, Appy Weather provides the personalized settings, with which you can design your display with the weather information you want. Other extra features like 7-day extended forecast, severe weather alerts are also included. You can have a 7-day trial version but the full version costs $3.99.


Appy Weather


Have you tried any one of the weather apps? How do you feel about their functions? Any comment is welcome!

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