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How to Use Keyboard and Mouse on Android with OTG

By FonePaw | Dec 19 , 2017

Though the touchscreen keyboard on your Android smartphone or tablet is great for texting, wouldn't it be greater to attach a USB keyboard to your Android phones or tablets? After all, bigger is better when it comes to typing and dealing with a bunch of stuff. Also, some special apps may require an external mouse or mini keyboard for Android phone/tablet. Now, let's start to learn how to control Android using computer's keyboard and mouse.


Extra Tips:


Many Android devices support keyboard and mouse which are particularly helpful for people who use any office suite to create documents on their tablet. However, Android phones and tablets don’t have standard, full-size USB ports, so you can't plug a USB peripheral directly into it unless the peripheral device is wireless. To connect external keyboard and mouse for Android mobile phone and Android tablets, you need a USB On-the-Go cable.


What is USB On-the-Go?
How to Attach Mouse/Keyboard to Android Phone and Tablet?


What is USB On-the-Go?

USB On-the-Go (OTG) allows two USB devices to attach a peripheral device to your Android tablet or phone without needing a computer. It's like a bridge between two devices. However, if the keyboard or mouse is wireless, you can connect a mouse or keyboard to android without OTG. A USB OTG cable has two connecting ends. One end fits in your Android device and the other end has a female USB connector in which you can connect keyboard/mouse. It's a little accessory like the picture below.





How to Operate Android Device Using a Mouse or a Keyboard

Note: Not all Android devices support peripherals with a USB OTG cable. Some devices don't have the appropriate hardware support. Therefore, be sure to Google whether your device supports USB OTG before purchasing a USB OTG cable.


STEP 1. Firstly, connect one end of the OTG cable to your Android phone or tablet and then the other end to either a keyboard or a mouse.

STEP 2. Once detected, you will get a notification on your Android device.  Differently, an Android USB keyboard/mouse driver is not necessary in this case.

STEP 3. When the mouse is connected, a pointer would appear on the screen which you can use to scroll through pages, click on applications and do all basic things a mouse would normally do on computers.


Connect Mouse with OTG


STEP 4. When the keyboard is connected then you can use your Android device as a computer to edit and create Microsoft office documents much faster as compared to using the tablet's touch keyboard.


Android Keyboard


Now you have successfully connected a USB keyboard or mouse to your Android device. You can work on your Android far more easier and faster than ever before. Since USB OTG cable is such a magic tool, you can also use OTG to watch movies on USB disk, transfer photos from digital camera to Android directly and share files between Android devices without needing a computer. Just try the USB OTG and make your digital life easier.


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  • Yassin Sms

    Thank you, but how can i use copy/past using a computer mouse?. Right button click appeads anything…

    • Hi. Just like what you do with a computer. Left click the mouse to select the text and then right click and choose copy.

  • Steven Zacharidis

    Thanks. Is it possible to access OTG whilst my phone is in Max Power Mode? I have an s8+ and the screen has died. Before I get it repaired (which will mean Samsung will reset it), I would like to take my pics off it. Problem is that I can’t do smart switch as the screen has died and the phone is completely unusable. Hence OTG may be the solution (it it works in Max Power mode).

  • Ida Leung

    What is the bar in front of the screen? Don’t we need that too?

  • Asif Ahmed Hawlader

    I’m using Honor 9 lite and a local tablet. This both things are not supporting Keyboard and mouse together what to do ??

  • How do you connect both a keyboard and mouse to your phone for emulated gaming purposes? You’ve only explained how to connect one at a time.

  • Nataleah Morunga

    I have a s8+ and work with Microsoft documents a lot. I recently purchased a external keyboard, the seller said it was compatible with my phone. However it has never worked at all. There is a cable attached to the keyboard.
    Nothing seems to be working at all.
    Please help if you can. Cheers.

  • wavey head

    what if i dont have an OTG cable, is it possible to use this connecting by USB the phone to the pc ?

  • Shatrughna Nannavare

    I will interested purchasing these products what will called up these products

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