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How to Transfer Photos from Digital Camera to Android with OTG

By FonePaw | Oct 19 , 2015

You're outside taking breath-taking photo with your DSLR camera. You may also want to transfer/import/copy photos from camera to your Android phone or tablet in order to share these splendid pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, etc.


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How to Share Pictures Between Android Devices with OTG


This can be done easily if you have a computer along with you. You can:


1. Directly connect the camera and computer via the cable that came with the camera.

2. View the camera's DCIM folder on your computer.

3. Copy and save the photos on your computer.

4. Copy photos from computer to Android phone or tablet directly.


However, what if you don't have a computer at hand while outside? One of the newest and perhaps easiest ways to transfer photos from camera to android phone is with and on-the-go (OTG) USB stick.


How to Transfer Photos from DSLR to Phone without Computer?


Here the full tutorial to copy camera photos directly to your Android with OTG.



• Micro USB OTG Cable

• USB OTG stick

• Digital camera

• Android phone/tablet


Step 1. Connect Android to USB OTG

To start with, directly connect your android phone to the OTG. Then, plug in your camera to the OTG with USB cable came with your camera.

When you connect your camera (make sure it's on!) to your phone, a little USB symbol should show up at the top of the screen.


Connect to OTG


Step 2. Download An App to Transfer DSLR Photos to Phone without Computer

Download CR2-Thumbnailer from Play Store. Then install the app on your Android phone. (If you have a Nikon DSLR, see the NEF-Thumbnailer.)


Note: The app will copy JPEG files from the camera. Besides, it can backup your raw files to the phone's internal memory or any memory card you have in the phone.


Step 3. Transfer Photos from Camera to Android with USB OTG

Press the blue camera icon on your phone and navigate down to the folder containing all your images. You can view the thumbnail by default. If you tap an image, it will be open in full screen.


After selecting a few photos, tap the menu button. In the pop-up window, you can either choose "Save" to extract the jpeg and saving it to the phone or select "Backup" to copy all the raw file to your Android phone.


Transfer Photos from Camera to Android


Now, you can view photos on your Android device and share them on social networks immediately. The USB OTG Stick could be very handy while travelling.


More than a way to send photos from digital camera such as Canon 700D to Android like Samsung phone/tablet, a USB OTG stick can be used to transfer files between smartphones. Just have a try!


  • Talita Montenegro

    No need to pay for any apps. Just connect the cables, turn on the camera and photos appear on your gallery. I have a Nikon D5000 and is that simple for me, btw.

    • Hi, Talita. Glad to hear from you. Yes, it can work for Nikon D5000. For phones that support OTG, when connecting the cables, the phones can detect the camera easily. But some users report that their phones couldn’t support OTG. Here is the solution: if the system couldn’t detect OTG signal, users can download Android OTG apps to help. If the apps don’t help, that could means the phone hardware doesn’t support OTG.

    • Karaflokorakas7

      jpeg or nef files?

    • Max Power

      Ok smartass, that is for JPEG files, NOT RAW.

  • Carole Button

    Will the app automatically download all new photos, or can you multi-select photos to download? I have connected my phone & camera, but without the app, and I seem to have to save each photo individually.

    • Yes, the app has multi-select feature.

    • Allen Johnson

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  • Vicki Hudson

    Will this work with a cannon eos rebel t3

  • Debdoot Bhattacharyya

    Does this work with Canon 600D

  • rosa

    The app for the nikon dslr users doesn’t work!!!!! And I paid 2€ for it!!! !!

    • Awful…Maybe contact the developer via cr2thumbnailer@googlemail.com
      and see what’s wrong?

    • blessind morgan

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