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[New] FonePaw HEIC Converter Free is Here for You

By FonePaw | Dec 26 , 2017

With the release of iOS 11, HEIC [Here's a full introduction of HEIC] has been introduced to users, which is said to be able to double the amount of compression without losing image quality. That seems pretty cool, right? After keeping up to date with iOS 11, you must be amazed by the fact that the storage of photos has been reduced to almost half of the original while the quality remains awesome. However, here comes a few annoyance as well.


Inconvenience of HEIC Files

Users can take photos with HEIC formats with iPhone 7/7 Plus and iPhone X running iOS 11 and later. However, HEIC files are currently supported by iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra, which means that files formatted in HEIC cannot be viewed in iOS 10 and former, Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and even macOS former than High Sierra. That's making nuisances to quite a number of iPhone users. Luckily, FonePaw has instantly come out with a freeware that is able to help you convert HEIC files to JPG or PNG as you want so that viewable on other operating systems. Now, learn your way around FonePaw HEIC Converter Free below.


Free HEIC HEIF Converter


FonePaw HEIC Converter Free

FonePaw HEIC Converter Free is a foolproof and authentic software designed to convert HEIC files to either JPG or PNG files along with the quality adjustable by yourself. Better yet, it's totally for free. As compared to online converters, FonePaw HEIC Converter Free ensures a high security to protect privacy and lucid steps to achieve your goal.


How to Use FonePaw HEIC Converter Free
Here's a step-by-step instruction on FonePaw HEIC Converter Free.
STEP 1. Download and install FonePaw HEIC Converter Free on Win/Mac.
STEP 2. Launch the program and then drag or add files to it.
STEP 3. Select a target format, desired quality, and output path.
STEP 4. Check "Keep Exif Data" if you want to store parameters.
STEP 5. Hit the "Convert" button and view the files that are converted to JPG/PNG formats.


If you're looking for the way to transform your HEIC photos to a readable format, JPG or PNG on Mac or Windows 10/8/7, I'm afraid that FonePaw HEIC Converter Free is the best recommendation. Why not take it a shot in person?


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Yilia Yang
Yilia Yang
6 year before

Sincerely speaking, FonePaw HEIC Converter is a handy and simple heic converter, especially for new starters. It can work well without confusing sections. However, for my part, I'd like to use more professional one. My friend recommended Joyoshare HEIC Converter offline to me. It can help me customize resolution and keep aspect ratio. There are more output formats, like PNG, GIF, BMP, WEBP...

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