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Things You Should Know About AirPods

By FonePaw | Dec 12 , 2017

Apple decided to remove the 3.5 mm headphone jack from iPhone, and this decision is causing a lot of controversy and confusion. The reason for doing so is in the hope that people will use wireless headsets. So The Apple Company has also launched a wireless headset AirPods.


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Since the release, many fans raised a variety of questions on the AirPods. BI tried to use AirPods on apple conference of Wednesday to learn how to use the headset.




Answers to Most Frequently Asked Questions with AirPods
Further Explanations on AirPods


The following are some fans' common questions on the AirPods:

- What is AirPods?

  • AirPods is Apple's latest wireless headset.

- How much does it cost?

  • 159 dollars.

- When does it on sale?

  • AirPods will start selling in October. It is not clear the specific date of sale, but Apple will be announced in the next few weeks.

- Is AirPods free of charge when coming with iPhone 7?

  • No.IPhone 7 comes with a wired headset called EarPods, which needs to be connected via a Lightning interface.

- I've heard that iPhone 7 wasn't equipped with an earphone interface. Does it mean I have to use AirPods?

  • No. iPhone 7 supports wired headphone, as well as a variety of other Bluetooth headsets. You can also use the attached adapter to connect with the 3.5 mm headset interface mentioned before.

- Does AirPods use Bluetooth technology?

  • Yes. AirPods is able to connect to phones via Bluetooth.

- What does the special chip mean?

  • There is the W1 processor that is built in AirPods. Every AirPods has a chipset that brings various functions to AirPods that other headphones don't have. W1 can be deemed as the "brain" of AirPods.


The following is detailed explanations:

W1 makes it easier to match AirPods and iPhone. As long as the headset box near the iPhone is opened, the phone will have a pop-up window, suggesting that you will be paired with AirPods to iPhone. This method is faster and simpler than setting the settings menu.

W1 also helps AirPods manage the power supply better, resulting in longer battery life.

This chip helps AirPods detect whether the users is wearing it on the ear or not. Therefore, only when the user wears AirPods, AirPods will play the sound. They can also tell the iPhone whether the user is wearing a headset. W1 independently manages the connection of each AirPod, which is not available to other wireless headsets.




- Are other headphones equipped with W1 chips?

  • Yes, but only apple headphones carry this chip. In addition to AirPods, Apple's Beats will be launched wireless headset with W1 chip this year later.

- Are there any other sensors in the AirPods?

  • Sure. Each AirPod is integrated with an infrared sensor to monitor whether the user wears the AirPods on the ear. AirPods has a built-in accelerometer, to monitor the user's clicks.

- Can I use only one AirPod at a time?

  • Yes. Each AirPod is paired with an iPhone, and so if you want it, then you can use only one headset. If you only need to answer the phone or use Siri, it is reasonable to use a headset. The W1 chip can tell iPhone which AirPod you are wearing.

- How does an AirPod charge?

  • AirPods is equipped with a magnetic packaging box, which is also used as a charger. The bottom of the box has a Lightning interface for charging.
  • The box itself is also equipped with batteries. This battery can be used to charge AirPods.

- What is the battery life?

  • Apple said, when AirPods is fully charged, it can endure for 5 hours at most. The box integrated battery will make the use time of AirPods reach 24 hours. This is enough to support the user's use of the day.

- Does AirPods match Mac computer and Apple Watch?

  • Yes. In fact, when you connect AirPods to iPhone, they can automatically connect to your Mac computer and Apple Watch. However, your Mac computer needs to run the latest version of the macOS Sierra system. This version will be launched on September 20th.The Apple Watch is required to run a new version of watchOS 3 and this version will be released on September 13th.
  • If you want to switch the sound source from iPhone to the Mac computer, then you only need to select AirPods on the taskbar at the top of the screen.

- Can an AirPods go on working without an iPhone 7?

  • Yes. AirPods supports all iPhone which is running iOS 10 system. Apple will push iOS 10 to upgrade in September 13th.

- Does AirPods support non-Apple Devices?

  • Yes. AirPods can connect to all music players of any standard Bluetooth. You can do this by pressing the button on the back of the AirPods box.

- What if I lost an AirPod?

  • Unfortunately, AirPods is so small that it is easy to lose. If you lose one, Apple can sell you another one. So be careful when using.

- What about the sound quality of AirPods?

  • It is almost identical to the EearPods which comes with iPhone.

- Is AirPods waterproof?

  • No. But it is no problem to use it in the rain or a gym. You just cannot wear AirPods when you are swimming.

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- Can I use AirPods to have a phone call?

  • Yes. Each AirPod is built with a microphone which is used to dial the phone, as well as dialogue with the Siri.

- How does Siri work through AirPods?

  • Double click the AirPod to start the Siri. Then just use it normally.

- Can I start another operation by double-clicking?

  • Yes. In the Bluetooth menu, you can set to activate the Siri with double clicks or the music playback pause. However, you can't use these two functions at the same time.

- How do I control the volume or choose a song from the music player?

  • It is troublesome. AirPods does not have any physical buttons, so you need to use Siri to do everything. When listening to music, it is such a bad experience. For example, if you want to increase the volume of the song, you first need to click on one of the AirPod and the music will be suspended. And then tell the Siri you want to turn up the volume.
  • Of course, you can use the iPhone to adjust the volume and choose songs through control options on the screen.
  • This may be the biggest flaw in AirPods. Compared with EarPods, there is no easy way to adjust the volume or select the song.

- How to answer the phone?

  • This is basically consistent with the wired headset. If you think it's not troublesome to answer the phone via EarPods, then AirPods is the same.

- Is it easy for AirPods to fall off the ear when doing sports?

  • This will not happen in my limited testing. I tried to shake my head, and AirPods didn't loose. But I haven't had a chance to test the headset during running or fitness.

If you have any questions in mind, please leave your comments below and let me help you out.

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