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How to Fix YouTube Not Responding Issue

By Admin | Jan 31 , 2016

Can you imagine your life without YouTube? Quite harsh, right? Nowadays, we use YouTube frequently to share, upload, and download interesting video from YouTube. We can both visit YouTube via web browser or download and install app in our iPhone to access it at our fingertips. But sometimes, annoying things happen. For example, when we are eager to watch a certain video at YouTube, it just not responds. Then how can we deal with it. Actually there few ways we can do to fix YouTube not responding issue.


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People may ask "Why do I keep getting not responding on my computer?" The reasons are various. You can follow the below guide to solve the YouTube is not responding error on both Windows/Mac or Android/iPhone.


Part 1: How to Fix YouTube Not Responding in Browser


Part 2: How to Fix YouTube Not Responding Issue in Mobile Device


YouTube Not Responding


Part 1: How to Fix YouTube Not Responding in Browser


1. Enable Smooth Network


The first step to fix YouTube not responding is definitely network. We all know that network is a must whatever we are browsing online. Poor network connectivity can result in sudden stop and suspend when loading and watching videos in YouTube. Luckily, this is quite easy to fix. All you need to do is change a network which is smooth enough.


2. Erase Browse Cookies and History


Suppose that you visit YouTube frequently, a large amount of junk file can be produced to slow down the speed of your browsing. That’s to say, cache can be the culprit plugging up YouTube to output videos with a swing. The method to fix this issue turns out to be simple too.


  • For IE: Open Tools menu > Safety – Delete Browsing History.
  • For Google Chrome: Click Customize and Control menu > History > Clear Browsing Data.


Delete Search History in Chrome


3. Uninstall Third-party add-ons.


YouTube does works with all add-ons. If you’ve installed third-party add-ons like Ad blocking software and other incompatible program on your laptop, YouTube may not be able to output images and audios successfully. To fix this, you should uninstall that software completely.


4. Install or Update Adobe Flash Player


Adobe Flash Player is a mandatory plug-in to play video online via browsers. If you fail to unfold YouTube, you can check if you’ve installed it. If not, install the latest version of it. And if the one you install is out of date, make sure to update it to the latest version.


Update Adobe Flash Player


5. Switch a Browser


If you already install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player to your PC, but still end up with YouTube not responding, then the problem can be its poor compatibility with your browser, you can just switch to another browser.


6. Quit and Restart YouTube


Sometimes, you will gain surprise if you forcibly close YouTube and reopen it. However, the odds are not that big. So this should be the last action you take after trying all above methods but failed.


Part 2: How to Fix YouTube Not Responding Issue in Mobile Device


1. Make sure that the network connectivity smooth enough to support YouTube to loading out images and audios.


2. Forcibly close YouTube app on device and restart it. There is no option to clear search history. However, you will be able to do if you quit and reopen YouTube. In that way, the search history will be refreshed and cleared.


3. Uninstall and reinstall YouTube app. Find YouTube app on Home screen, press it and hold until an X appears. Press on it to uninstall it. Then you can go to App Store to download and reinstall it again.


4.Remove incompatible third-party add-ons with YouTube.


5. If you are serious in fixing YouTube not responding, this will definitely help. That's to reset your device. This is really a reluctant action to take as it will erase all your data. Therefore, backup your mobile phone first.



If you are not sure what cause YouTube not responding, you are suggested to try above methods one by one. And I assure you will find one that fixes your problem. Your sharing is warmly welcome.