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November 2017

Go to Bed
Did you ever set a personal sleep schedule but it just doesn't go as planned? Believe me. You're far from alone. Quite a number of people across this planet claim with confidence that they will defin Read More >
Safari Content Blockers
As opposed to third-party web browsers, Safari runs fastest. However, this is not enough to make Safari stand out as the best in the river of browser apps. As a growing default app powered by Apple, Read More >
Siri Set A Reminder
Siri is an intelligent voice-controlled assistant built in iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV and HomePod. Since the advent of Siri, many people would like to flirt with Siri when boring or got Read More >
OnePlus 5T Smartphone
The OnePlus 5 has been out in June this year, but now it has a successor–the OnePlus 5T, which is the latest high-end OnePlus smartphone. More significantly, the 5T is available on November 21st at i Read More >
Move Notes to Folder
I've introduced a basic guide on iPhone Notes app to you, and I'm sure you have learned your way around this best of the best note-taking apps. In fact, I'd like to take you further today with these Read More >
Format Notes
If you're the one who gets used to note things down, you must have been a fan of iPhone Notes app. As a default app being consistently improved, it stands out from the ocean of alternative apps and d Read More >
Shortcut to Enable AssistiveTouch
If you come here reading this article after you finished Basic Guide of AssistiveTouch, I assume you're getting more and more interested in AssistiveTouch. AssistiveTouch is such a good helper to avo Read More >
AssistiveTouch Guide
AssistiveTouch is not an original default feature on iPhone, which first came out in iOS 5 with people gradually realizing the importance for those who have impairments to use mobile phones. Indeed, Read More >
FonePaw Android Data Recovery 2.4.0
FonePaw Android Data Recovery V2.4.0 is now available for users to download from its FonePaw official website. Updating the program from the old 2.3.0 version to the latest V2.4.0 gets you the newest Read More >
iPhone X OLED Burn In
Recently, Apple has updated its display support page for the iPhone X's screen. Though the display of iPhone X meets "incredibly high standards", it's still prone to screen burn-in when it is used fo Read More >
Reset Apple ID Password
If multiple attempts to access your Apple ID failed, or Apple ID is logged in another location, or your Apple ID is potentially used by malware, Apple will lock or disable your Apple ID temporarily d Read More >
Text Replacement iPhone Keyboard
I assume you've been using iPhone default Keyboard for long, but do you really know it? Otherwise, you might feel unsatisfied and switched to a third-party iPhone keyboard app already. Why don't you Read More >
Files App on iPhone
Apple attaches great importance to individual privacy security all the time, and somehow it keeps users away from having access to their own files on iPhone, iPad or iPod. Now, Apple seems to break i Read More >
Install MacMaster
The 1.3.4 version of FonePaw MacMaster had been added Shredder feature and lots of users tend to use it to remove the confidential files on Mac since no app can recover the deleted files. Now, there Read More >
Case 1: Green Line on iPhone X
iPhone X is an all-singing, all-dancing flagship phone, rolling out with currently world's best software and hardware. However, not long after iPhone X reached its buyers, criticisms are starting to Read More >
Huawei Mate 10 Vs Mate 10 Pro
Recently, Huawei has announced formally two high-end flagships at a launch event in Munich, Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro, which are prominent products in this year. Comparing to other Mate predeces Read More >
Stop Video AutoPlay on App Store
App Store is the official and authentic platform providing users with a bunch of novel applications, which was first released on July 10, 2008, with an initial 500 applications available. As of Janua Read More >
FonePaw iOS Screen Recorder
FonePaw iOS Screen Recorder, a newcomer that was launched recently, received an enthusiastic response from the iOS users who struggling to cast, mirror, or record iPhone/iPad screen. Now, let's see w Read More >
Do Not Disturb While Driving
The popularity of iPhone also boasts the use of the Maps app. We're used to typing in the destination and let the Maps app show us the way and get there via turn-by-turn spoken navigation. Apple also Read More >
Zoom in or out Maps
Apple Maps was first introduced in 2012 as Apple's built-in mapping service to take the place of Google Maps. Many as it received criticisms at first, Apple Maps is now getting better and better. Wit Read More >
Wireless Charging iPhone 8
Apple has added wireless charging on its new flagship smartphones, including the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. Users can charge their phones by placing them on a compatible pad or mat in Read More >
Disable App Spotlight
What's Spotlight on iPhone? Spotlight is a default, system-wide search service, which was first introduced as part of iOS 3 in 2009 and has been being improved so far. Simply swipe down on the Home S Read More >
iOS 11 Camera Grid
The popularity of iPhone also thanks to its powerful camera to some extent. It's not exaggerated that iPhone has set the trend of photography taken by smartphones. Yes, iPhone makes people inclined t Read More >
iOS 11 Control Center
Apple sticks to providing iOS users with convenience in the notion of minimalism. For such a purpose, Applers have racked their brains to design a well-organized Control Center in iOS 11.   Don' Read More >
Sync Siri Data
Every time when a new iOS version releases, there will be plenty of articles coming out introducing those so-called big and new features. However, updated settings tend to be ignored most of the time Read More >