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FonePaw MacMaster 1.3.5 Updated with Privacy and Extensions

By FonePaw | Nov 14 , 2017

The 1.3.4 version of FonePaw MacMaster had been added Shredder feature and lots of users tend to use it to remove the confidential files on Mac since no app can recover the deleted files. Now, there are two more features in MacMaster 1.3.5: Privacy and Extensions, which improve the performance of the program and offer more help for users to manage their iMac/MacBook.


 Install MacMaster


What Can Privacy and Extensions Do?

  • Privacy: It will detect the browsers’ private data and you can remove the cookies, history from Safari, Chrome and Firefox.
  • Extensions: All the widgets, plugins and extensions are collected in the screen and you are able to preview them or disable some of them in one click.


How to Use Privacy Feature

  1.  Launch the homepage of MacMaster.
  2.  Select "Privacy" on the left sidebar and get started to scan.
  3.  Preview the private information and choose certain items, like cookies, login records, browsing history, to clean out.

Note: When you begin to scan the web browser, it is a must to close all the browsers before scanning.


Scanning Privacy

Privacy in Chrome



How to Use Extensions Feature

  1.  Get into "Extensions" option and scan the main extensions of applications.
  2.  Click Review button to check the plugins which are classified.
  3.  You are allowed to enable or disable the extensions with clicking the round spot in yellow or gray.


 Scan Extensions on Mac


As you can see, the plugins include QuickLook, Spotlight, Login, Proxy, etc. And the right side will list the apps that are using the widget.


 Preview Extensions on Mac


How easy it is! In 3 to 4 clicks, you can complete what you want on your Mac. MacMaster will be smarter and smarter to manage your computer. The next version of MacMaster will bring a new interface for you. Just wait and see.

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