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Everything You Should Know About iPhone 8 Wireless Charging

By FonePaw | Nov 06 , 2017

Apple has added wireless charging on its new flagship smartphones, including the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. Users can charge their phones by placing them on a compatible pad or mat in Qi wireless standard.


Wireless Charging iPhone 8


1. What Do You Need for Wireless Charging iPhone 8


The iPhone uses Qi standard of wireless charging. It works in an electromagnetic field to move power from an inductive charging pad or mat to iPhone. A charging base has an induction coil to create the electromagnetic field which can generate energy, while an iPhone will receive the energy with its built-in coil and convert the energy into electricity. Therefore, users need to search for some suitable wireless chargers.


There are some best Qi chargers for iPhone 8/8 Plus to charge wirelessly. Let's pay close attention to these best wireless chargers one by one.


Best Wireless Chargers


  • Mophie Wireless Charging Base is suitable to charge iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X quickly. You need to set your iPhone on the wireless base, and then it begins charging immediately. It includes a wall adapter. To our delight, Mophie will announce a software update in this year, which can enable high-speed charging for iPhone. It costs $60 and is one of the expensive chargers.


Mophie Wireless Charging Base


  • Belkin BOOST UP Wireless Charging Pad is another newer and expensive charger. It delivers 7.5W optimal charging for iPhone 8/8 Plus with a green LED indicator light. More significantly, Belkin asserts that it works closely with Apple to ensure that this pad can work well with new iPhones. Thereby it needs $60.


Belkin Wireless Charging Pad


  • Anker Wireless Charging Pad sells well on Amazon. This charging pad features 5V/2A input, 5V/1A output with LED indicator lights, and has temperature control for safer and efficient charging, etc. It has an 18-month warranty. This charger costs $26.


Anker Wireless Charging Pad


  • Spigen Fast Wireless Charging Pad supports QC 2.0 and 3.0 standards, which is up to 1.5x faster charging than regular wireless chargers (10 watts (5V/2.0A). Moreover, this charger is also compatible with various Qi devices and suitable to iPhone 8/8 Plus with 5-foot Micro-USB cable. It has LED indicators, and built-in safety components to prevent your device from overheating. This pad costs $19.


Spigen Fast Wireless Charging Pad


  • Seneo Qi Wireless Charging Stand has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, with over 1,200 reviews. This pad features an LED indicator light, a Micro USB cable for charging, with an 18-month warranty. In addition, it can supports QC (Quick Charging) technology to charge a compatible device up to 1.4x faster than regular wireless chargers. It is priced at $18.


Seneo Qi Wireless Charging Pad


2. How Does Wireless Charging Work on iPhone 8


Admittedly, Wireless charging provides us another convenient charging method. However, there are some demerits to charge iPhone 8/8 Plus wirelessly.


iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus Wireless Charging


  • Wireless charging is slower than using power adapters, as this charging method is less efficient than using a wired connection. However, it isn't a big problem if you charge overnight.
  • The iPhone 8/8 Plus need to be positioned right over an inductive charging pad so that it can charge normally.
  • Most manufacturers suggested that users should remove thick cases from the phone before putting it on the wireless pad. If you use metal cases of phones, your iPhone can't be charged.
  • Ultimately, the iPhone 8/8 Plus is easier to heat up when using wireless charging pads, though all of the chargers have built-in safety features to avoid overheating.


3. Is Wireless Charging Bad to Your iPhone?


Someone may ask: Will wireless charging shorten the battery life of iPhone 8/8 Plus? In the past when most phones used NiMH batteries, battery life would be shortened as the charging times increased. However, in recent year, most phones, including iPhone 8/8 Plus use lithium-ion battery, which won't have the problem. In fact, now many researches show that charging phone frequently can help to lengthen the battery life-span. Therefore, wireless charging won't do harm to your iPhone battery.


Wireless Charging iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus iPhone X


What does wireless charging bring to iPhone users? Probably the change of charging method. It can make our life more convenient to charge without a cable, especially when we are in public places, like restaurants, coffeehouse, hotels, etc. Essentially, wireless charging may not replace the traditional way of charging but it can be a wonderful supplement of wire charging.

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