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OLED Burn-in Expected on iPhone X: How to Avoid It?

By FonePaw | Nov 17 , 2017

Recently, Apple has updated its display support page for the iPhone X's screen. Though the display of iPhone X meets "incredibly high standards", it's still prone to screen burn-in when it is used for an extended amount of time. To be honest, most of the phones with the OLED screen are extremely susceptible to burn-in. There are many effective methods for reducing the effects of OLED burn-in here.


iPhone X OLED Burn In


Screen burn-in is also called image burn-in or ghost image, to describe a display that is suffering from permanent discoloration across any part of the panel, which is caused by the cumulative non-uniform usage of the pixels. There is a noticeable ghost image or discoloration persisting when the screen is on. Actually, an army of OLED screens are easier to be burn-in, due to the varying lifecycle of a display's light producing components.


iPhone X Screen Burn In


iPhone X is the first iPhone that is supported by OLED screen, using organic light-emitting diode technology to enable an incredible viewing experience. According to Apple, when you look at an OLED display off-angle, you may notice slight shifts in color and hue, which is a characteristic of OLED and normal behavior. Being used for a long period of time, OLED displays may show slight visual changes, which also is an expected behavior, including "image persistence" or "burn-in".


There are many useful methods to prevent the iPhone X screen burn-in issues, and extend the viewing life of iPhone X's Super Retina display. Let us learn together.


  • Update iPhone X to the latest version of iOS. When Apple rolls out a new update, you can see a prompt to update, by going to Settings > General > Software Update.


  • Turn on Auto-Brightness mode to adjust the brightness of your iPhone automatically. You can use this feature by the following steps: Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Auto-Brightness.


iPhone X Avoid Screen Burn In


  • Adjust the auto-lock time. Don't leave the display of iPhone X lit if that's unnecessary. Tap "Sleep Button" before you put your phone down on the table. Apple recommends to reduce the auto-lock by checking this setting: click Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto Lock.


  • Avoid displaying static images at maximum brightness for too long. If an app needs the screen to be ON, you should turn on Control Center to reduce the brightness level.


  • Avoid using high contrast images. High contrast images pose a bigger danger for screen burn-in. These pictures show the superior contrast between dark and light. Therefore, you can pick a wallpaper with darker colors and update it on time.


  • Shut down iPhone X and start again. Image retention or static image is less dangerous than screen burn-in. When you feel that you iPhone X has an image retention issue, you can close your device and restart again. If the issue can't be resolved and still have an image retention on the screen, you need to keep your phone turned off for some days and start it again.


iPhone X Image Burn In


  • If being available, you can try to use the immersive mode. This mode can hide the notification bar, so those static icons can avoid displaying for a long time.


  • When you would like to have a long journey and need to use a navigation app, you can pick one that hasn't a lot of bright static UI elements.


  • Replace the screen. If all above solutions can't work, you need to replace another screen for iPhone X. If your iPhone X is still in warranty period, you can repair in Apple store free. If not, you need to take services in a reputable third-party repair store.


iPhoen X OLED Screen


However, Apple suggests that iPhone X screen burn-in is a rare phenomenon. If you take good care of your iPhone X, your phone's display will be fine and brand-new. Therefore, you don't need to worry too much about this screen burn-in issue. Enjoying the excellent functions and features of iPhone X at first!

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