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Apple Files App - Do You Really Know This Brand New App?

By FonePaw | Nov 15 , 2017

Apple attaches great importance to individual privacy security all the time, and somehow it keeps users away from having access to their own files on iPhone, iPad or iPod. Now, Apple seems to break its convention this time.


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With the announce of iOS 11, here comes a Files app on the basis of iCloud Drive, allowing users to easily and quickly view, search and organize files in a default app including files in apps, in iCloud Drive, on all your iOS devices, and across other third-party cloud services. There are unknown tricks in using the Files app. Let me show you the ropes.


Files App on iPhone

Add Third-Party Cloud Services
Share and Co-work in the Files App
Add Tags To Manage Your Files


Add Third-Party Cloud Services

Apart from the direct access to iCloud Drive, the Files app is compatible with third-party c;pid services. It lets users add third-party applications, like Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Drive, and more all in one place. That allows users to access all files on all iOS device.


When you sign in with your Apple ID, iCloud Drive automatically appear in the Files app. However, you need to set up other cloud services to acccess them in the Files app, which is easy to do as well. Let's take a look at the tutorial.
STEP 1. Install and set up the third-party cloud service(s) at first.
STEP 2. Open the Files app on iPhone/iPad/iPod.
STEP 3. Touch "Locations" and tap "Edit".
STEP 4. Toggle on the bar behind the desired third-party apps.
STEP 5. Tap the "Done" option to finish.


Add Cloud Services to File

Share and Co-work in the Files App

The Files app lets you directly edit photos as the way you edit pics in the "Photos" app. Also, it's easy to work with a friend or colleague in the Files app. You can directly share with others any files currently stored in iCloud Drive via sharing a link. There are multiple output available. You can send your files through AirDrop, Messages, Mail, a shared note, and more.


Share FIles with Friends

Add Tags To Manage Your Files

If you're using a Mac, you will be familiar with this feature. The Files app allows users to sort documents by Name, Date, Size, and Tags. There are colorful and custom labels for you, making it easy to organize a bunch of files. Moreover, documents that are assigned to a tag will be prior to show on the top. How to add a tag to your file? Here you go:
STEP 1. Open the Files app.
STEP 2. Navigate to a file to which you want to assign a tag.
STEP 3. Tap "Select" on the right top and choose desired file(s).
STEP 4. Tap the "Share" icon and touch "+Tag".
STEP 5. Select a tag or customize your tag.


Add A Tag to A File

That's how you fully use the Files app. If you have any good tricks, welcome to share with us. Or, you can share with your friends and let them know about the use of the Files app.


Advance Notice: The upcoming article is about green line of death on screen of iPhone X. If interested, please keep an eye on FonePaw.

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Jeremy Conn
Jeremy Conn
6 year before

Great article! Could I also point you to an app that I just released called "Direct Shot for iCloud"? Direct Shot is a camera-based utility that helps you stay organized by skipping the Camera Roll and sending photos and video directly to the iCloud locations you choose.

Check it out —

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