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Format Notes

Nov 24 , 2017

[Basic Guide] iPhone Notes App - The Best of The Best

If you’re the one who gets used to note things down, you must have been a fan of iPhone Notes app. As a default app being consistently improved, it stands out from the ocean of ...

Shortcut to Enable AssistiveTouch

Nov 22 , 2017

How to Fully Use AssistiveTouch to Ease Your Life

If you come here reading this article after you finished Basic Guide of AssistiveTouch, I assume you’re getting more and more interested in AssistiveTouch. AssistiveTouch is suc...

AssistiveTouch Guide

Nov 20 , 2017

[Basic Guide] AssistiveTouch Makes Things More Accessible

AssistiveTouch is not an original default feature on iPhone, which first came out in iOS 5 with people gradually realizing the importance for those who have impairments to use mobile ...

Reset Apple ID Password

Nov 17 , 2017

Apple ID is Disabled? This is A Time & Money Saving Guide for You

If multiple attempts to access your Apple ID failed, or Apple ID is logged in another location, or your Apple ID is potentially used by malware, Apple will lock or disable your Apple ...

Text Replacement iPhone Keyboard

Nov 16 , 2017

Tips: iPhone Default Keyboard Tops 99% of Others

I assume you’ve been using iPhone default Keyboard for long, but do you really know it? Otherwise, you might feel unsatisfied and switched to a third-party iPhone keyboard app a...

Files App on iPhone

Nov 15 , 2017

Apple Files App - Do You Really Know This Brand New App?

Apple attaches great importance to individual privacy security all the time, and somehow it keeps users away from having access to their own files on iPhone, iPad or iPod. Now, Apple ...

Stop Video AutoPlay on App Store

Nov 09 , 2017

App Store: Something New Yet Most People Ignore

App Store is the official and authentic platform providing users with a bunch of novel applications, which was first released on July 10, 2008, with an initial 500 applications availa...

Do Not Disturb While Driving

Nov 08 , 2017

Apple Maps: Must Know Features When You're Driving

The popularity of iPhone also boasts the use of the Maps app. We’re used to typing in the destination and let the Maps app show us the way and get there via turn-by-turn spoken ...

Zoom in or out Maps

Nov 07 , 2017

Apple Maps: Unknown Features in iOS 11

Apple Maps was first introduced in 2012 as Apple’s built-in mapping service to take the place of Google Maps. Many as it received criticisms at first, Apple Maps is now getting ...

Disable App Spotlight

Nov 03 , 2017

Do you Really Know How to Use Spotlight Search on iPhone?

What’s Spotlight on iPhone? Spotlight is a default, system-wide search service, which was first introduced as part of iOS 3 in 2009 and has been being improved so far. Simply sw...

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