Android Tips
Check USB Drive File System Format

Dec 13 , 2017

OTG Troubleshooter: Solution of OTG Failing to Recognize USB

“I have been trying to access my USB flash drive on Samsung Galaxy S6 using OTG cable, but it seems that OTG cannot detect the flash drive. I’m sure my OTG cable is working beca...

iPhone Security is Important

Dec 13 , 2017

You Have No Idea How Insecure Your iPhone Is

iPhone security is an all-time concern for users. Though iPhone is exactly famous for its security system, it doesn’t mean that there is no way to access your privacy in your iP...

YouTube Black Screen

Dec 12 , 2017

[Solved] Let's Fix YouTube Black Screen Problem

“I was going to watch Jimmy Kimmel, but YouTube videos are all backed out but with sound. Perhaps it’s due to an unknown error loading video on YouTube? How can I do to fi...


Dec 12 , 2017

Things You Should Know About AirPods

Apple decided to remove the 3.5 mm headphone jack from iPhone, and this decision is causing a lot of controversy and confusion. The reason for doing so is in the hope that people will...

Tun Win to Mac

Dec 12 , 2017

[Don't Miss] Make Your Windows As Smooth and Elegant As Mac

Mac enjoys a great popularity in the world for its beautiful design and outstanding software. As for me, I am fascinated with the smoothness of performance and the elegance of the des...

Snapchat Folder

Dec 11 , 2017

[Solved] How to Recover Snapchat Photos/Videos

This guide is about how to recover Snapchat pictures and videos from iPhone and Android. If you are looking for a guide on Snapchat photo recovery, this article will certainly be help...

Invite Calendar

Dec 11 , 2017

Overwhelmed By Calendar Spam on iPhone? Stop Them!

Many have been plagued via iCloud calendar spams these days on iOS 11/10/9/8. Though we’re already enough with irritating and bothering spam phone calls and messages, advertisin...

Elderly Friendly iPhone

Dec 08 , 2017

[Ultimate Guide] Set Up A Friendly iPhone for Seniors

With the popularity of smartphones, more and more people get used to using a cell phone. However, this may be a bit difficult for elderly people to accustom themselves to such a novel...

Razer Phone VS Google Pixel 2 XL

Dec 08 , 2017

Razer Phone vs Google Pixel 2 XL, Which One Is Better

The Razer Phone and Google Pixel 2 XL are two popular smartphones in the current flagships. The Razer Phone is the smartphone for gamers, as it comes with an incredibly smooth Ultramo...

Built-in Apps

Dec 07 , 2017

iPhone Cannot Play Videos? Here's How to Fix!

iPhone nowadays appeals a great majority of movie lovers with their big screen, high resolution, and portable size. Generally, most people are able to enjoy beloved videos on iPhone. ...

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