Rose Gold iPhone 6s

May 14 , 2015

iPhone 6s Rumors: 2GB RAM, 12MP Camera, and Rose Gold Color Option

  iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus arrived in September last year, so as we march toward the summer and the fall, we are beginning to look forward to iPhone 6s, iPhone 6c and...

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Migration Assistant Mac

May 13 , 2015

Switch to Mac: How to Transfer files from PC to Mac

If you’re getting a new computer and decide to switch from PC to Mac or you have both types, one of the important things you want to is to move or share data between PC and M...

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FonePaw iOS Transfer Version 1.3.0

May 06 , 2015

FonePaw iOS Transfer New Version 1.3.0 Released

FonePaw unveiled the new version 1.3.0 of iOS Transfer on May 1, 2015. You can get the latest version of FonePaw iOS Transfer by checking updates on this utility if you have alread...

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Restore iPhone

May 06 , 2015

How to Unjailbreak an iPhone

There are many good reasons for you to jailbreak your iPhone. By jailbreaking your iPhone, you can download  apps from anywhere, not just from the App Store; you can use alternativ...

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Export Bookmarks from Chrome

May 05 , 2015

How to Import Bookmarks from Chrome to Safari on Mac, iPhone & iPad

If you’re switching from Google Chrome to Apple’s Safari browser and want to bring in your bookmarks. It is easy to export your bookmarks from Chrome and import bookmar...

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Wrist Tattoos Break Apple Watch

Apr 30 , 2015

It Is True! Wrist Tattoos Break Your Apple Watch!

A rumor about Apple Watch hit every one that Apple Watch could be broken by wrist tattoos or even stopping working.   Some users from Apple reflected that if you wea...

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Pair Apple Watch with iPhone

Apr 29 , 2015

How to Set up and Start Using Your Apple Watch

Apple Watch just arrived? Great! You may be dying to use it at once. Here is our Apple Watch quick-start guide to set up your Apple Watch.   What is in the box Once y...

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FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery V1.7.0

Apr 27 , 2015

FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery New Version 1.7.0 Released

The latest version of FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery 1.7.0 is released on April 24, 2015.   Our support team has received piles of feedbacks and inquiries from FonePaw...

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Enable iMessages Filter

Apr 24 , 2015

How to Report iMessage as Spam in iOS 8.3 or Newer

We all receive junk messages from time to time. If you’re using iMessages, you even have more chances to get spam messages due to the fact spammers only need the email addres...

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Free WhatsApp Calling

Apr 22 , 2015

WhatsApp Voice Calling for iPhone Starts Rolling Out

After months of waiting, free voice calling on WhatsApp finally rolled out to iOS users. An update to the iOS app hit the App Store earlier today and indicates that you’ll so...

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