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November 2015

Samsung Galaxy S Beam
What is S Beam? S Beam is a wireless connection which can be utilized to transfer data (e.g. contacts, pictures, web pages, videos, audio files) from one Near Field Communication (NFC) and Wi-Fi Dire Read More >
iCloud Drive App on iPhone
Apple has launched a new iCloud Drive app in iOS 9 which will let you easily access your saved documents, folders and files inside of iCloud Drive on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and even Mac. But this i Read More >
Turn on iCloud Drive
Apple's iCloud Drive, first introduced in iOS 8 last year, is a Dropbox and Google Drive-type service which enables you to store documents in the cloud, making it super easy to synchronize them betwe Read More >
FonePaw Android Data Recovery Version 1.3.0
This time, as all of you wish, FonePaw Android Data Recovery is upgraded to version 1.3.0. So what's new?     The first thing that impresses you could be the revamped user interface coated Read More >
 Settings Shortcut Widgets
Have you ever fall into a situation where you have absent-mindedly cleared notification that you hadn't checked out yet in your Android's status bar? All of a sudden, you realized that you miss somet Read More >
3D Graphics Performance of Samsung
At the mere mention of entry level phone, Samsung Galaxy J1 will pop up into your mind. At least Samsung is trustworthy at the area of ultra-low-end. Samsung Galaxy J1, which is $95 only, recently re Read More >
Recover Data from iCloud
Some people picking up a replacement iPhone 6s are finding that their Messages and Recent Calls data is missing after restoring from iCloud, according to numerous complaints.   The issue is the Read More >
Google Chrome
"Google's Chrome for Android has been popped in a single exploit that could lead to the compromise of any handset."   This bug was discovered and issued by PacSec at MobilePwn2On conference in T Read More >
Find Android Phone with Google
Every day, there are thousands of people who lost their Android phones or have their phone stolen. So it is no wonder that "How to locate my lost/stolen Android phone" becomes one of the most-asked q Read More >
Create A New File
Have you ever experienced the embracement that you just want to show someone your family photos on your Android phone but accidently end up showing your selfies? Before this awkward scenario unfolds Read More >
Android 6.0 Update Guide
After releasing the device-support list for Android 6.0, more and more devices supported Android 6.0 including the HTC One, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. But the users complain the incomplete list about Sam Read More >
Apple Watch is not a flop, it's just too new – The consequence of survey for Apple Watch users by Wristly.     The firm polled owners who hadn't bought Apple Watch yet. Why were the holdout Read More >
HTC One M8
Not only for Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, the HTC One (M8) Google Play edition is starting to receive the update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow finally, which was proven by Mo Versi (HTC VP of product manageme Read More >
Remove Duplicated Contacts from Android
We accept the fact that no matter how carefully we manage contacts on our Android phone, it will often end up crowded with duplicate entries of phone numbers, social media profiles, and e-mails - it Read More >
Playing music on iPhone or iPad is one of the best ways for entertainment. But first of all you need to get that music on your device. We can download music from iTunes for our iPhone or iPad, but it Read More >
QuickTime Screen Recording
Do you want to record your iPhone screen activity as a video? For example, record easy-to-follow video guide to show your friend how to achieve a task or record an iPhone app demonstration. If you'd Read More >
Start Google Hangouts App
Google Hangouts — what is it? Google Hangouts was launched in May 2013 to replace Google Talk, Gchat, what used to be called Google + hangouts. It can be accessed via computers as well as Android dev Read More >
Galaxy Note 5 Camera Quick Launch
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has an absolutely great camera on offer, from 16MP rear camera with sensor behind a wide f/1.9 aperture, plus optical image stabilization to auto real-time HDR. This guide will Read More >