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How to Remove Duplicate Contacts from Android

By FonePaw | Nov 09 , 2015

We accept the fact that no matter how carefully we manage contacts on our Android phone, it will often end up crowded with duplicate entries of phone numbers, social media profiles, and e-mails - it just happens! You might end up sending a text to someone’s old number or even calling the wrong person.


You can always delete each and every copy of all the contacts manually. But if there are some much more simple ways to remove duplicate contacts from Android, why not have a try?


Here are two ways you can find and remove/delete/merge duplicate contacts on an Android device.


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Method 1: Delete Duplicate Contacts on Android

Method 2: Remove Duplicate Contacts from Gmail

Method 1: Delete Duplicate Contacts on Android

Many Android phones come with built-in contacts merging feature (not all of them, however).

1. Open your phone's Contacts app and tap on the menu button. From the menu, tap "Merge accounts" > "Merge with Google" / "Merge with Samsung."

Remove Duplicated Contacts from Android


2. Then, the phone will start scanning your entire address book and provide with a detailed results list that will contain all the duplicate contacts and let you choose whether you want to merge all contacts with matching details such as phone number and email address, etc.


3. Your phone will thus merge the duplicate contacts found on your Samsung, Sony, LG, Moto, Sony or Nexus phone.

Method 2: Remove Duplicate Contacts from Gmail

If you like to keep your Android contacts backed up, then it is likely that you have enabled contact syncing with Gmail. If it is enabled, then you can delete all duplicate contacts from Android with your Gmail account.


1. Log/sign in to your Gmail account, click on Gmail on the top left corner and select "Contacts."  Now you can see all the contacts synced from your phone, Gmail and Google+.


2. Click on click on "More" located at the top of the screen and from the drop down menu, click on "Find & Merge Duplicates…" option.


3. Gmail will scan for the duplicate contacts and show you the list. Click on "Merge" and all your duplicate contacts will be merged into one.

Merge Contacts from Gmail



Having duplicated contacts not only occupy more of your Android phone space, but it becomes difficult for you to find the right phone number. Merging multiple contacts into one help you solve these issues. By the way, if you delete some important contacts mistakenly in the process of deleting duplicate contacts, just ask FonePaw Android Data Recovery for help to recover deleted contacts from Android


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