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Take Better Photos - Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Camera Tips

By FonePaw | Nov 02 , 2015

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has an absolutely great camera on offer, from 16MP rear camera with sensor behind a wide f/1.9 aperture, plus optical image stabilization to auto real-time HDR. This guide will show you how to use your Note 5 camera to the fullest to take great photos.


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How to Take Pictures with Samsung Galaxy Camera


1. Use Galaxy Note 5 Camera Quick Launch

You can press the home button twice and quickly anytime you need to launch Galaxy Note 5 Camera app quickly. It is an instantaneous action taking about one second to launch, and you'll be ready to capture great photos.


Before using the Camera Quick Launch option, you should enable it on your phone first. Open the Camera app and tap in the cog icon to open the Camera Settings menu. Toggle the Quick Launch switch On.


Galaxy Note 5 Camera Quick Launch


2. Use Voice Commands to Control Galaxy Note 5 Camera

With Voice Control turned on in the settings, you can say "Cheese", "Capture", "Smile"or "Shoot" to take a photo and "Record video" to record a video.

Open the Camera app, and go to Camera Settings. Toggle the Voice Control option On to enable the voice control.


3. Use Galaxy Note 5 Camera Auto HDR

The HDR mode on your Galaxy Note5 simultaneously captures fine details in both shadows and highlights, creating shots that are high contrast, saturated and sharp. You can enable the setting on in the camera's settings screen.  We recommend leaving "auto HDR" on in most situations.


Galaxy Note 5 Camera Auto HDR


4. Use Selfie Mode

Using Selfie mode, you can take self-portraits with the front camera. Open the Camera app and switch to the front facing camera. When you're ready for your selfie, simply touch the heart rate sensor located at the back of your phone, below the main camera, to capture the photo.


Galaxy Note 5 Selfie Mode


5. Save Photos in RAW Format in Galaxy Note 5

For advanced users, Galaxy Note 5 can save photos in RAW format. This means you have the full freedom to edit the photos after they are taken. You are not limited to effects and filters.


galaxy Note 5 Camera Modes


There are also a lot of modes in Galaxy Note 5's camera we haven't cover in this post, such as slow motion, live broadcast, pro mode and more. Users can held into these modes and tap the info button for a detailed breakdown of each mode, how it works, and what it does.


If you have any question about this article, please let us know by dropping us a comment below!


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