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2 Main Reasons for Users to Abandon Apple Watch

By FonePaw | Nov 13 , 2015

Apple Watch is not a flop, it's just too new – The consequence of survey for Apple Watch users by Wristly.



The firm polled owners who hadn't bought Apple Watch yet. Why were the holdouts holding out? The main reason for 34% interviewees stopping buying Apple watch is the expensive price.


The same percentage of people didn't want to buy Apple Watch, because it was too new and untested. 21% of them positively said they were waiting for a new updated version of Apple Watch, while 13% said that they would not purchase first-generation Apple Watch in period time.


When it comes to the complaint that Apple Watch isn't useful at all, only 17% people frankly said that was also one of reasons for them to hesitate to buy it.


In sum up, this suggests that the sale-mode of Apple Watch can follow the path of iPhone, such as lowers the price and works out any other issues.

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