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How to Hide Android Pictures

By FonePaw | Nov 18 , 2015

Have you ever experienced the embracement that you just want to show someone your family photos on your Android phone but accidently end up showing your selfies? Before this awkward scenario unfolds in reality, learn how to hide photos on your Android.


All you need to do is to create a file named ".nomedia". By placing a .nomedia file in a given folder, you're telling Gallery to ignore the contents of that folder when it is scanning. So if you create one in an album folder then the contents of that folder won't show up in your gallery. Now, let’s see how to create such a file.


1. Found the folder in which the images you want to hidden. Then, simply tap on "New" located the bottom left of the screen and select "New file."

Create A New File


2. When the naming box pops up simply name the file .nomedia and save it (don't forget the period at the start, this makes it a hidden system file).

Create Hidden Folder on Android


3. The next time you go to your gallery that folder's contents will no longer appear. You can apply the same way to add a .nomedia file to every folder you want to hide.


Notes: Files hidden in this way are not accessible on the cell phone. You can only view them by connecting the phone to a computer and opening the folder on the computer or you can install a third-party file manager and view them by showing the hidden files.


This is not the only way to hide your Android photos. You can also use some free apps such as Hide It Pro and Hide Pictures in Vaulty. Have any other ideas on how to hide pictures on Android phones and tablets? Tell us below in the comments!


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