Video Tips
Poor Network

Dec 24 , 2017

How to Fix YouTube Freezing and Not Responding

Can you imagine your life without YouTube? Quite harsh, right? Nowadays, we use YouTube frequently to share, upload, and download interesting video from YouTube. We can both visit ...

YouTube Green Screen

Dec 14 , 2017

[Resolved] Fix YouTube Green Screen in Windows 10/8/7

Recently we posted an article about how to solve YouTube black screen, while some people have reported that they didn’t come across the black screen but the weird one –...

YouTube Black Screen

Dec 12 , 2017

[Solved] Let's Fix YouTube Black Screen Problem

“I was going to watch Jimmy Kimmel, but YouTube videos are all backed out but with sound. Perhaps it’s due to an unknown error loading video on YouTube? How can I do to...

Built-in Apps

Dec 07 , 2017

iPhone Cannot Play Videos? Here's How to Fix!

iPhone nowadays appeals a great majority of movie lovers with their big screen, high resolution, and portable size. Generally, most people are able to enjoy beloved videos on iPhon...

Hold Your Phone Horizontally and Steadily

Jul 15 , 2015

5 Tips on Shooting Better Video with Your Smartphone

Making video with smartphone is commonplace with the dramatic improvements of mobile phone’s camera and an increasing majority of us opting to record our memories on mobile d...

YouTube Videos

Apr 10 , 2015

Would You Pay for YouTube?

Advertisements are annoying – but would you pay to avoid it? Youtube think you might.   According to Bloomberg, YouTube, which is owned by Google, is likely to set to of...

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