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May 23 , 2016

FonePaw iOS Transfer Now Supports Connecting iPhone to PC without iTunes

iTunes used to be the only way to connect iOS devices to a computer in order to sync and back up data. Then, FonePaw iOS Transfer came out. This software makes the data transfer be...

FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery

May 04 , 2016

FonePaw Upgrades iPhone Data Recovery to Support iOS 9.3

In version 2.5.0, FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery for Windows allows you to recover deleted data from iCloud backup for iOS 9.0/9.1/9.2 devices. Today, FonePaw upgrades iPhone Data Re...

FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery V2.5

Apr 07 , 2016

FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery Now Supports Downloading iOS 9 iCloud Backup Data

FonePaw officially updated iPhone Data Recovery for Windows to version 2.5.0, which supports iPhone SE and iOS 9.3. Most importantly, with the latest FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery, ...

FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery Windows 2.2.0

Dec 28 , 2015

FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery Windows Version 2.2.0 Released

Recently some FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery users give us feedback that the program cannot scan out call history on their iPhone which has been updated to iOS 9.2. On December, 27, ...

FonePaw iOS Transfer (Mac) V1.6.0

Dec 23 , 2015

Performance Improved - FonePaw Announced iOS Transfer (Mac) V1.6.0

The latest version of FonePaw iOS Transfer (Mac) 1.6.0 is released on December 22, 2015.   FonePaw iOS Transfer (Mac) V1.6.0 adds a fresh feature of being able to scan t...

FonePaw iOS Transfer 1.7.0

Dec 01 , 2015

FonePaw Upgraded iOS Transfer (Windows) to V1.7.0 with Bugs Fixed

FonePaw today upgraded its iOS Transfer (Windows) to V1.7.0 with several bugs fixed. So how FonePaw iOS Transfer has improved?   The first good news is for those who love to...

FonePaw Android Data Recovery Version 1.3.0

Nov 25 , 2015

FonePaw Android Data Recovery Upgraded to V1.3.0

This time, as all of you wish, FonePaw Android Data Recovery is upgraded to version 1.3.0. So what’s new?     The first thing that impresses you could ...

FonePaw iOS Transfer 1.6.0

Oct 20 , 2015

FonePaw iOS Transfer (Windows) 1.6.0 Released

FonePaw has officially released its multi-functional iPad, iPod and iPhone transfer program – iOS Transfer to version 1.6.0. The latest version of FonePaw iOS Transfer fixed some b...

Preview Lost Contacts from Android

Oct 16 , 2015

Announcing FonePaw Android Data Recovery for Mac Release

During the last few months, we had been besieged with the same question: “Will FonePaw Android Data Recovery work on my Mac”. Finally, we can answer you with a big R...

About iPhone Data Recovery 2.1.0

Sep 22 , 2015

FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery Windows Version 2.1.0 Released

On Sep 9, 2015, Apple released the latest iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Pro and iPad mini 4.   On Sep 19, 2015, FonePaw updates its iPhone Data Recovery to support the...

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