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December 2018

Run iTunes 12.6 Installer
"Help! I'm running iTunes and I synced my iPhone with iTunes regularly. However, I failed to find a way to transfer an app on my computer to my iPhone. The older iTunes can do it easily bu Read More >
Phishing Attack
Cell phones are a great way to stay productive, and most employers know that their employees engage in work-related activities on their phones. In some cases, this work may even be required by the jo Read More >
Network System Preference
After upgrading the Mac system to MacOS Mojave, many users cannot log in to the App Store and got an error message "Cannot Connect to App Store". This stops users from downloading applications from t Read More >
Unable to Verify Account Name or Password
When you try to add a new email account, do you get an error  "unable to verify your email account name or password" from the stock Mail app on Mac? Many Mac users may have come across this problem: Read More >
IPA Files Location on Windows
"I updated an app today. It just crashed at the moment I opened it after updating. Rebooting my iPhone didn't work and I can't find the previous version on internet. Are there any ways to undo an app Read More >
FonePaw Screen Recorder 1.7.0
FonePaw Screen Recorder for Windows has received a new update. The new FonePaw Screen Recorder 1.7.0 bring us a useful feature: you can now trim the the video or audio recorded by FonePaw before savi Read More >
Back up Android to Google Account
If you have an Android phone, you have tapped into a world of high-functioning design, great user experience and more. But one thing you want to prevent is losing all the data and information that yo Read More >
If you have installed iTunes on your Windows computer, you may have seen Apple Mobile Device Support or Apple Mobile Device Service process running in the background. So what is Apple Mobile Device S Read More >
Play Store in Bluestacks
You may get used to downloading apps from the Google Play Store on your mobile phone. But what if you want to get Google Play on PC? Can you download apps from Google Play Store on Windows?   Go Read More >
Apple ForceTouch
Long gone are the days we were able to push our thumb into the back of our mobile phone and release the battery, exposing the sim card tray and inner-workings. No longer can we buy replacement outer Read More >
Sell Items Online on Mobile Devices
Over recent years, access to high-speed mobile internet has changed our lives in many ways for the better. We find it easier to work, socialize, be entertained, and study as a result of these advance Read More >
Mobile App Development
Developing an exclusive mobile app has become one of the fundamental modern rules for business growth. An app allows you to connect with a wider customer base and spread a word about your products an Read More >
Face ID Has Been Disabled
"Help! My iPhone X suddenly said that there is a problem detected with the TrueDepth camera and the Face ID has been disabled. I tried to reboot the iPhone, reconfigure Face ID, but none of them work Read More >