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What Is Apple Mobile Device Support & How to Download It?

By FonePaw | Dec 13 , 2018

If you have installed iTunes on your Windows computer, you may have seen Apple Mobile Device Support or Apple Mobile Device Service process running in the background. So what is Apple Mobile Device Support? And if iTunes cannot detect your iPhone, iPad, iPod because Apple Mobile Device Support can't be installed or Apple Mobile Device Service failed to start, how to fix it? This article is going to tell you everything about Apple Mobile Device Support, including how to download and install it and the process of how to remove it.




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What Is Apple Mobile Device Support and Do You Need It?

Apple Mobile Device Support is one of iTunes' related software components. It is used to detect and communicate with iPhone, iPad, iPod that are connected to the computer.


Apple Mobile Device Support


Do I Need Apple Mobile Device Support?
Yes, you'll need Apple Mobile Device Support if you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod and need to sync contents between your Apple devices with iTunes on your computer. But you don't need iTunes to sync or backup Apple devices, Apple Mobile Device Support is not needed on your computer and it is safe to remove it.


What Is Apple Mobile Device Service?
You may also notice there is also the Apple Mobile Device Service process in the Task Manager. Apple Mobile Device Service works as a Windows service, which is usually started automatically even when iTunes is not running and there is no Apple mobile device connected. It is preparing for iTunes to recognize an Apple mobile device once the device is plugged in.


How to Uninstall Apple Mobile Device Support?
If you don't need iTunes and Apple Mobile Device Service is putting a burden on your CPU, you can completely uninstall iTunes and remove Apple Mobile Device Support and other software components. To remove Apple Mobile Device Support, you can go to the folders: Program Files > Common Files folder > Apple Application Support and delete Apple Application Support completely.


Delete Apple Mobile Device Support


How to Download and Install Apple Mobile Device Support

There is no way to download and install Apple Mobile Device Support separately. If iTunes can't recognize because your Apple Mobile Device Support/Apple Mobile Device Service is missing or cannot install, you have completely removed iTunes and its related software components and then reinstall the latest iTunes from Apple or Microsoft store. After iTunes is reinstalled, Apple Mobile Device Support(Apple Mobile Device Service) is installed on your computer as well.


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