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Demystifying 9 Persistent Mobile App Development Myths

By FonePaw | Dec 07 , 2018

Developing an exclusive mobile app has become one of the fundamental modern rules for business growth. An app allows you to connect with a wider customer base and spread a word about your products and services.


But like every other industry, there are several myths associated with mobile apps. These myths can discourage entrepreneurs from realizing the optimum potential of an efficient mobile app developer so that to create an app that is ideal for serving their target audiences.


So, let's go ahead and debunk the 9 most common mobile app development myths and misconceptions which will help you in initiating a harmonious relationship with a development agency and invest your resources efficiently.


Mobile App Development


1. A Breath-Taking Idea Is More Than Enough

In order to develop a functional mobile app, you don't need a unique idea only like building a blockchain mobile app. But, it's equally important to test the feasibility of your idea. Your idea should be practically possible to go live in the real world and add value to users' lives.

It's not good to work on an interesting idea but in the end getting a complex product. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to evaluate the usability, acceptability, practicality, and scalability of your idea before starting to develop it further.


2. Mobile App Development Is Limited To Coding

Mobile app development isn't just about coding but it goes much beyond that. This makes it essential for you to hire developers who aren't only exceptional in coding but also have a basic knowledge of frameworks, design, UX, architecture, etc.

When planning to develop an app, it's extremely important to keep up the pace with the latest app development trends and technologies. Also, you need to have a deep understanding of the iOS and Android market so that to choose the best platform for launching your application.




3. Developing The Initial Version Of The App Is A Piece Of Cake

Building the first version of your mobile app could be the most tedious and time-consuming process. It may take weeks or even months depend on the specific requirements and scalability of the idea.

It's advisable to build the first version with peace and without functional errors as there is no gain in building an app that's too rushed and useless. Take your own time and consult with professionals so that to come up with a perfect first version of your mobile app.


4. Incorporating More Features Guarantee A Successful Application

It's good to keep up the pace with the latest technological trends and incorporate advanced, high-tech features such as Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality in your mobile app. But it's never a good idea to overburden the app with lots of features.

You should concentrate on developing the core functionality efficiently and making the app's interface intuitive and simple. Apps over-crowded with several features usually gets slow and eat most of the memory and battery of the device.


5. Loads Of Traffic Will Pour In Just With App Store Optimization

The two major app stores have around 4 million different apps. This makes it difficult for a new app to get noticed by the users and reach the top in just a few days. To enhance the visibility of your mobile app, you need to display it in an effective way to the users.

You should devise a comprehensive marketing plan and target social media platforms to make people aware of your upcoming app. Also, formulate strategies so that just after getting launched, your app can strike the chord naturally with the target audience.


App Store & Play Store


6. After Downloading, Customers Will Definitely Use Your App Regularly

It's not enough for your app to have a million downloads. It's equally important that it has a considerable number of active users. The users will only use your app regularly if they feel motivated to do so.

In order to make users access your app frequently, you need to put efforts to keep it updated and fresh always. You can do this by continuously working on making your app efficient and better by utilizing app analytics and studying users' behavior.


7. Mistaking A Feature For A Benefit

It's good that you have incorporated quality features into your mobile app. But that does not mean that they will surely bring benefits to your doorstep. Benefits are related to the overall usability of the app.

You should build an app on the basis of extensive research about the interests and preferences of your end customers. Focus on making the app user-concentric and capable of solving the major pain points of the customers.


8. Mobile App Analytics Will Tell Everything About App Performance

It's true that with the help of mobile app analytics you can gauge your app's performance. However, to explore more about the performance of your app, you should:

  • Study the app's performance on screens with minimal engagement.
  • Evaluating the app's performance on different screens and compare them.
  • Identifying the complex engagements.
  • Finding out the screens at which the users are abandoning your app.


App Performance Analytics


9. Marketing Is All About Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

It is a common misconception associated with mobile app development that marketing is all about spending lots of money. But it's not true. You can gather publicity for your app with word of mouth.
In addition, along with paid marketing, you can easily promote your mobile app by using social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Also, you can raise awareness from emails, promoting positive tweets, reviews, and ratings.


Money Bag


These are the most common nine myths associated with mobile app development. It's extremely significant to bust these misconceptions and move ahead with a fresh and positive spirit to build an exceptional app for your business.


Author Bio:
Anubhuti Shrivastava is a content crafter at Arkenea, a custom software development company helping entrepreneurs and businesses build successful web and mobile apps. She is passionate about writing articles on topics related to design and the software development industry.

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