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FonePaw Screen Recorder 1.7.0 Update: Trim Recorded Video and Audio

By FonePaw | Dec 19 , 2018

FonePaw Screen Recorder for Windows has received a new update. The new FonePaw Screen Recorder 1.7.0 bring us a useful feature: you can now trim the the video or audio recorded by FonePaw before saving the file to your computer.


One problem that often happens in screen or audio recording is that after finishing a recording, we find the recorded video or audio contains something that we don't need. So after closing the recorder, we often need a video/audio editor to trim off the unneeded parts of the recorded video/audio.


To save you the trouble of opening a video/audio editor, FonePaw Screen Recorder 1.7.0 is adding the support for clipping video or audio before saving. Let's see how this new feature work.


FonePaw Screen Recorder 1.7.0


Trim Video/Audio Before Saving

Once you stop a video/audio recording, FonePaw Screen Recorder will launch the preview window, which lets you to view the screen or audio recording you have just made. In the preview window, there is the newly added Clip section.

Set up the starting point and the stopping point of the video/audio by entering where you want to start or stop it. Or you can drag the red triangle icon on the slider to decide where you want the video/audio clip to start and stop. After you select the best part of the recording, click Save. The trimmed video/audio will be saved in the format that you have chosen previously.


Clip Video or Audio Before Saving


Note: The Clip Video or Audio Before Saving feature is only available on the registered version of FonePaw Screen Recorder for Windows.


More Improvements of FonePaw Screen Recorder 1.7.0

  • Task Schedule and Mini Mode have been optimized.
  • Add description for putting or canceling interface always in front.
  • Fix known issues.


Get FonePaw Screen Recorder 1.7.0 for Windows here:

Win Version Download

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Mark Abboud
Mark Abboud
5 year before

I started talking with your customer service people on Dec 24. The trial version of your screen recorder worked well, the purchased version does not work at all. Nothing could be done to make things work for me, so I'm been asking for a refund since Dec 27. You guys have disappeared and haven't answered repeated emails for over 9 days. I need confirmation that my refund was processed.

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